Redis, Rethinking "Smart", and Ruby's Greatest Module

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Distributed Application Logic in Ruby with Redis with Jonathan Hyman. Jon will discuss keeping distributed systems in check using synchronization. The talk will focus on different concepts of rate limits, starting with rate limiting an API endpoint, and moving on to more advanced topics such as throttling processing throughput and controlling access to limited resources. Jon will illustrate these through real-world examples and use-cases from Appboy, the leading marketing automation platform for mobile, which collects more than 60 billion data points each month from apps such as SoundCloud, Etsy, and iHeartRadio.

Enumerable - Why I Fell in Love with Ruby with Ross Kaffenberger. Rediscover the single greatest module in the Ruby programming language, see how it can be used to solve a range of problems, and (possibly) fall in love with Ruby all over again. Ross is a long-time web developer and New Yorker, head of Engineering at Devpost, and former school teacher.

Rethinking Smart with Nancy Hawa. Professionals in the tech industry use the word "smart" a lot. We want to be smart. We want to hire other people who are smart. "Intelligence" is revered in this community, sometimes to our detriment. Nancy is a Special Education teacher, and a student at the Flatiron School.