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This group is for conversationalists , serious thinkers and philosophers who seek knowledge and enjoy talking to others.

Whether you've just started college or your getting ready to retire, if you believe in having fun in a conversation, listening , talking , learning and helping others understand , then I ask you to join us.

The plan is to have a mix of social and educational encounters to allow us to have fun and grow our brainstorming skills through a structured conversation , just like Socrates used to have with students in ancient Athens .

This group intends to achieve conclusive conversations on important topics , applying the Socratic method of questioning .

Because good communication can solve any problem .

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Sony Atrium

Do we really have a Democracy ?

Sony Atrium

Is government the problem or the solution ?

The public atrium (formerly the IBM building)

Socratic Think Tank : Fix the world !

Sony Atrium

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