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Meet at SmashBurger on West 33rd - on south side of Empire State Building.
Come meet up with fellow libertarians and anarcho-capitalists for a post-work beer and hangout. NOTE: Christians for Liberty NYC is joining forces up with NY An-Cap After Work which is a fellow non-Christian libertarian group (i.e. they do not claim to be Christian). We're doing this just to fellowship all together and build bridges - as true liberty ultimately comes from Christ. Lord willing we can build up some friendships here and help people come to know Jesus.

Needs a location

What we're about

Welcome! This group is the NY Metro/Long Island chapter of Christians for Liberty (Main site: ). We are a group for people who want to discuss and learn how the Christian faith and the freedom it gives us can be applied to politics/economics without contradiction or infringing on anyone's rights. Come discover a different way of thinking that is enlightening.

Christian libertarians believe that libertarianism is the most consistent expression of Christian political thought. We oppose aggression (the *initiation* of physical force or fraud) whether committed by individuals or institutions such as the state. We promote natural rights in person and property, laissez-faire capitalism, and personal liberty. Furthermore, we contend that sound Christian theology reinforces these sound ideological positions. We also have a facebook page () ) whose purpose is to provide a forum for real, respectful, and insightful discussion of libertarianism in a Christian context. (Please note, this is distinctly not a reconstructionist forum. Christian libertarianism is not theonomic reconstructionism.)

As this group and the Christian libertarian movement grows, we must be clear that the definition of “Christian” to which we subscribe is the same as that of the historical church: simple adherence to the ecumenical creeds (Apostles, Nicene, Athanasian: see link at the end). While we encourage anyone with true interest to be involved in this group, we uphold this definition and expect this to be reflected in group conversation as well.

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