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The Creative Path: Free Group Coaching Session

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Coaching can take you from innovation to execution, from inspiration to fruition...

What makes your art special?

How did you discover it for yourself?

What was the first sign?

Your first stumbling block?

How did you stay motivated?

Is it really your life purpose, a part of your natural gifts?

What is the next move you need to take to move forward with your career?

These questions and more will be answered and delved into in this informational, confidential, exploratory session.

This is a FREE event. My site is for more info on my work plus testimonials :)

Call will last ONE hour and you can share as much or as little as you like.

Call Agenda:

-Call rules (state name first before speaking, don't cut each other off, mute your phones when not speaking, let the facililator lead, coach's introduction, plus explanation of the coaching process

(I graduated from Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and am licensed through the International Coaching Federation, I have a BA in Psychology/Sociology with a minor in Business Management, and a Masters in Organizational Learning and Development. I'm trained in the Core Energy Leadership process which looks at how you perceive the world through 7 energy levels, while hyperfocusing on how you express yourself (fears, weak and strong beliefs, vocal tone, etc) so you can have truth and clarity on what is holding you back. I use my intuition and advanced analytical skills to guide you through all your life/business problems.)

-Quick Individual introductions (30 seconds-1 minute, name, career track/art and 1 sentence answer to one of the questions above)

-2 coaching demos of 20 minutes a piece (volunteers?)

-Summary and Q/A

Cool huh? Hope to connect with you and each other!

Emily Correa

Certified Life/Business Coach; Arts + Entertainment