The Art of Composition w/ Ron Jautz

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Presented by: NYC Digital Photography Workshops

Hosted by: Adorama

There is an inherent indiscriminate nature to a camera. If everything is included in an image, how can anything stand out? How can there be a subject if there is no background? Picture yourself in a crowded restaurant, with hundreds of voices competing with each other. Now try to listen to just one voice. Now picture that same restaurant with just one person. Imagine how much more effective and powerful that one voice can be.

With photography, this principle of removal, what is knows as the “art of exclusion”, not addition, is at the core of composition. Effective composition is no more than a puzzle, requiring the photographer to arrange the key elements of a scene in such a way as to capture it’s very essence. For any given scene before a lens, there is exactly one best way to most effectively capture its essence. This class is designed to provide you with the tools to allow you to do just that.

Topics to be covered include:

• General compositional guidelines: You have to know the rules before you can break them

• The Art of Exclusion

• Leading Lines

• Foreground Interests

• Creative Use of Depth of Field

• Lens Choice

• Negative Space

• Shapes and Patterns and Abstraction

• Contrast

• Visual Weight

• Perspective

Requirements: Bring your camera for practice exercises as well as paper and pen to take notes.

About the Instructor:

Ron Jautz is a professional corporate and editorial shooter with over 30 years experience. He specializes in photographing people and travels extensively for clients such as Pfizer, Bank of New York, Time Warner, Inc., Walgreens, Canon USA, Seton Hall University, Duke University, Forbes Magazine and Conde Nast. Over the years Ron has photographed presidents and prime ministers, members of Congress and supreme court justices, celebrities, athletes and CEOs. In addition to his commercial work, Ron also shoots fine art, having shown work in Galleries up and down the east coast. Ron now serves as the Co-Chairman of the New York Chapter of the American Photographic Artists (APANY - ( To learn more about Ron and his work, please visit his website at (