File Acceleration: Getting from Point A to Point B, wherever that may be...

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As DAM systems scale to become global digital warehouses for all types of organizations, the issue of serving and sharing content in native formats has become a vexing issue for DAM.

What happens when your end user or vendor on the other side of the country (or world) needs an HD video or hundreds of gigabytes of images? Clicking "Download" and hoping for the best is not an option. Mailing a hard drive has pitfalls as well, and let's face it, it's 2013! We need to provide solutions, not workarounds.

This is an issue that is not only sticking around, but it's going to get more complex as on-demand becomes an expectation, not a feature. How do these technologies work? When are they necessary? What do we need to know to engage a vendor? What is "sneakernet" and why does the "last mile" matter so much?

To answer these questions, we've assembled a fantastic panel of experts to discuss the increasingly critical field of File Acceleration:

Chris Bailey- Unlimi-Tech/FileCatalyst, CEO

As CEO and co-founder of Unlimi-Tech, Chris is responsible for overall corporate strategy as well as establishing and fostering key partnerships and new market opportunities. Chris is still involved in the development of the FileCatalyst technology at its core and also oversees the organization's business development and marketing departments. As an expert in file transfer technologies Chris has led development of many of Unlimi-Tech's core technologies including the patent pending FileCatalyst protocol and the FileCatalyst Direct product line.

Chris received his BSc. in Computer Science from Dalhousie University in 1999, and went on to work for the Canadian government prior to founding Unlimi-Tech with John Tkaczewski, President of Unlimi-Tech. Under his leadership, Unlimi-Tech has experienced double digit growth each year since inception and has become a global leader in accelerated file transfer solutions.

John Heaton- Aspera, Director of Sales, Americas

In his role as Director of Sales Engineering at Aspera, John Heaton spearheads the architecture and deployment for numerous Aspera installations in support of complex use cases in multiple industries, including U.S. federal agencies. Prior to entering the sales engineering field at Aspera, John was a Unix system engineer with strong competency in various operating systems (Solaris 10, Linux, Mac, Windows, *BSD), networking, security, and storage. A cloud computing expert, John brings over 10 years experience understanding and solving the various IT challenges faced by the following industries: media, research, HPC, higher education, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, legal, and government. John holds a BS in computer science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Mike Bittle- Independent Advisor

Mike is former Co-Founder current Advisor of Attend MediaCoud - cloud storage and transfer service for media content creators. His grey hair comes from cutting his teeth on TDM Voice switching networks, explaining the ISO network hierarchy to executives of hardware companies, and fighting (on the losing side) of Token Ring vs. Ethernet. He then packed his bags and moved into the entertainment industry surfing the wave of the digital transition. He now spends his time coaching small business owners on operations and technology issues...and being an over-the-top-proud dad.