• Frontier Tech: Alice George -RRE, Dennis Mortensen -x.ai, Alex Winter -Netgear

    We're happy to invite you to a new NYC European Tech Meetup, hosted at Betaworks. The evenings panel discussion will be "Can Europe lead the next wave of frontier technology?". The panelists will be: 🇬🇧 Alice Lloyd George. Alice is an emerging technologies investor at RRE where she covers blockchain, machine intelligence and computer vision, robotics, virtual and augmented reality and NewSpace. She appears regularly on Fox Business, was Forbes 30 under 30 (2016) and Marc Andreessen called her "one of the unknown rockstars in tech". Alice hosts Flux (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/trailer/id1192848099?i=1000379688239&mt=2), the podcast about pioneers building companies at the frontier of technology. 🇩🇰 Dennis Mortensen. Dennis is the CEO and Founder of x.ai (http://www.x.ai/). He’s a pioneer and expert in leveraging data and a serial entrepreneur who has successfully delivered a number of company exits on that theme. Dennis’s long-term vision of killing the inbox triggered the formation of x.ai (http://x.ai/) and the creation of an artificial intelligence personal assistant to schedule meetings. He’s an accredited Associate Analytics Instructor at the University of British Columbia, the Author of Data Driven Insights from Wiley and a frequent speaker on the subject of AI, intelligent agents, and the future of work. A native of Denmark, Mortensen currently calls New York his home. 🇫🇷 Alex Winter. Alex is currently leading the Artificial Intelligence team at Netgear/Arlo. Alex was the CEO and founder of Placemeter, a New-York based startup that quantifies human activity in cities using computer vision and video feeds. Placemeter raised $8m of venture capital and was sold to Netgear in December 2016. Prior to Placemeter, Alex co-founded LTU Technologies, a venture backed startup, a pioneer in large scale image search by content, successfully acquired by a Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Prior to LTU, Alex was a researcher in Computer Vision at INRIA and helped to build vision based missile guidance systems at Airbus. Alex holds an MSc and a Ph.D. in Image Recognition and holds 10 patents in the field. Feel free to send us questions in advance using the hashtag #NYETM on Twitter.

  • Q&A & drinks with Nicolas Dessaigne, Co-founder & CEO at Algolia - NYETM #11

    We're very proud to welcome Nicolas (https://twitter.com/dessaigne), co-founder and CEO at Algolia (https://www.algolia.com/) for our next European Tech Meetup, hosted at Meetup HQ. As Harry Stebbings (http://www.thetwentyminutevc.com/nicolasdessaigne/) puts it, Algolia is a brilliant case study for the successful pivot, having started off life as an offline search engine for mobiles but really took off by helping companies deliver an intuitive search-as-you-type experience on their websites and mobile apps. They participated in Y Combinator’s Winter 2014 batch and raised $18.3M in May 2015 (http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/20/algolia-grabs-18-3-million-from-accel-for-its-search-api-on-steroids/) from the likes of Accel Partners, Point Nine Capital, Storm Ventures and many more incredible investors. Join us for an interactive Q&A, followed by drinks to mingle with the New York European Tech.

  • Fireside chat with Albert Wenger, partner at USV - NYETM #10

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    We're excited to welcome Albert Wenger (https://twitter.com/albertwenger) for our 10th NY European Tech meetup. Albert is partner at USV, one of the major NYC funds. USV portfolio companies include: Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Etsy, Kickstarter and Shapeways (founded by Peter Weijmarshausen whom we had the pleasure to host last year (http://www.meetup.com/NYCEuropeanTechMeetup/events/220486113/)). We'll kickstart the meetup around 7pm with a fireside chat, and end with an open Q&A session. We are limited in space so please make sure to sign up only if you plan to attend.

  • Q&A with Chris Maddern, Co-founder at Button - NYETM #9

    It's time for the first NYC European Tech Meetup of 2016! We're excited to welcome Chris Maddern (https://twitter.com/chrismaddern?lang=en), co-founder and head of engineering at Button (https://www.usebutton.com/). Chris is a British entrepreneur who formerly headed up mobile engineering at Venmo. Tweet your questions with the hashtag #europeantechmeetup before or during the event to get them answered onstage.

  • Q&A with Liz Crawford, CTO at Birchbox - NYETM #8

    With the holidays fast approaching, we're bringing some e-commerce into our November NYC European Tech Meetup by welcoming Liz Crawford (https://twitter.com/liscrawford), CTO at Birchbox (https://www.birchbox.com/)! We're excited to hear from Liz about how she's scaled the engineering team at Brichbox, how she manages a globally distributed team, and what growing from the US to Europe has been for her and Birchbox. Tweet your questions with the hashtag #europeantechmeetup before or during the event to get them answered onstage. Birchbox delivers monthly boxes of beauty or grooming samples, picked to match your profile. They're headquartered in New York City, with operations in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Canada, and Belgium. See ya next week! Anthony, Alban, and Clement

  • Q&A with Michael Pryor, CEO at Trello


    A few weeks after the launch of its French version, the CEO of the wildly popular productivity platform will answer all your questions. Tweet with the hashtag #europeantechmeetup before or during the event to get them answered onstage. The Q&A will be followed by drinks for more informal mingling between the whole Europe tech community.

  • John Frankel of ff Venture Capital - NYETM #6

    We're thrilled to announce an evening with John Frankel, (https://twitter.com/john_frankel) founding partner of ff Venture Capital (http://ffvc.com/), for our meetup next week. John has been investing in early-stage startups since 1999 and started ffVC in 2008 investing in companies such as Plated, Contently, Klout, Livefyre, 500px, and many others. As a frequent investor (including in some European companies) and with a mantra to help their portfolio companies achieve results, we're excited to hear more about how VCs can add value to their portfolio companies, his take on the european tech community, and industries/ideas that ffVC is excited about. You don't want to miss this! Many thanks to our host Spotify (http://spotify.com) for having us again in their awesome space! MEETUP SCHEDULE: 6:30pm: General admission opens. Please bring a copy of your RSVP on paper or using the Meetup app. 7:00pm: Pre-event networking and drinks (thanks Spotify!) 7:30pm: Talks start (w00t!) 8:10pm: Talks end, food delivered and post-event networking starts 9:00pm: go home! :) Chees, Anthony & Alban

  • Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO of Shapeways, on 3D printing and moving to NYC

    Started in 2007 in the Netherlands, Shapeways (http://www.shapeways.com/) has become the world's leading 3D printing marketplace by making it easy for designers to go from digital idea to a real product and providing the platform to then sell those products. If you haven't geeked about 3D printing, a few minutes on the Shapeways site will surely leave you fascinated by what empowered designers are creating and the range of 3D printed objects you can buy. Just last week they announced printing in precious plated metals, like 14K gold (http://www.shapeways.com/blog/archives/19781-proudly-presenting-precious-plated-3d-printing-from-shapeways.html). We're super excited to have Peter Weijmarshausen (https://twitter.com/weijmarshausen), CEO and co-founder of Shapeways, take the stage to share a bit about his background, how Shapeways got started, the 3D printing space, and their experience moving the company to the US. Don't miss this! Many thanks to our host Spotify (https://www.spotify.com/us/) for having us again this month! Such an awesome space to have our meetups from a really awesome European tech company. MEETUP SCHEDULE: 6:30pm: General admission opens. Please bring a copy of your RSVP on paper or using the Meetup app. 7:00pm: Pre-event networking and drinks (thanks to Spotify!) 7:30pm: Talks start (w00t!) 8:10pm: Talks end, food delivered and post-event networking starts 9:00pm: go home! :) Cheers, Anthony and Alban

  • Fireside Chat: Dennis R Mortensen (x.ai) & James Wise (Balderton Capital)

    In 2014, we launched an effort to connect and grow the community of European tech in NYC and we think you've all done a fine job in making it happen. Thanks! We're now 500 strong and in 2015 we're going to keep the momentum with more founders, investors, and community. We're starting the year off with a fireside chat between an experienced entrepreneur and a European investor for a candid conversation around fundraising. Dennis R. Mortensen (https://twitter.com/dennismortensen) is the CEO and Founder of http://x.ai , an incredible bit of artificial intelligence named Amy and Andrew, created to "fully emulate a human assistant (http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/05/x-ai-raises-9-2m-at-a-40m-valuation-for-its-ai-based-email-assistant-who-sets-up-meetings/)". Fresh off the heels of raising $9.2mm, Dennis will share his tips on the fundraising process, leading an investment backed company, and why he hasn't raised capital in Europe. Joining him is James Wise (https://twitter.com/jp_wise), investor at Balderton Capital (http://www.balderton.com/), to bring the investor perspective. James is based in London and has lead rounds for a number of European startups. About x.ai (http://www.crunchbase.com/organization/x-ai) Founded in 2014, x.ai builds and maintains an artificial intelligence powered personal assistant that schedules meetings for business customers. Located in New York City, they have raised $11.3m to date. About Balderton Capital (http://www.crunchbase.com/organization/balderton-capital) Balderton Capital is one of the leading VCs in the EU with more US$2.3bn in committed venture capital. Balderton has invested in more than 100 startups since its inception in 2000, including various NYC based companies like 3DHubs, Sunrise, Tictail or Sketchfab.

  • Founder Panel: Karma, Sunrise, & AirHelp


    This month we're dropping more founder knowledge on our meetup group with a panel! Thrilled to announce we've got some awesome startups joining us for what we expect to be a lively discussion around tech: Stefan Borsje (https://twitter.com/sborsje) CTO of Karma (https://yourkarma.com) (Netherlands) Pierre Valade (https://twitter.com/pierrevalade) CEO of Sunrise (https://calendar.sunrise.am/) (France) Nicolas Michaelsen (https://twitter.com/nicomichaelsen) CEO of AirHelp (http://www.getairhelp.com/) (Denmark) We'll find out how these awesome startups have approached structuring their Tech teams as they've grown. In October, we heard Carl Waldekranz, CEO of Tictail, share the experience of moving part of the team and business to New York. The challenges of building a local network, scaling culture, and adapting to a different business environment are all things European startups can relate to. Plus, we had great pitches from teams from Seedcamp London! Really fun to see startups still in Europe visit our meetup ;) Cheers, Alban and Anthony