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Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody
I got some money 'cause I just got paid
How I wish I had someone to talk to
I'm in an awful way.

I got in town a month ago, I seen a lotta girls since then
If I could meet 'em I could get 'em but as yet I haven't met 'em
That's why I'm in the shape I'm in.

~ Sam Cooke, "Another Saturday Night", 1963

FLASH FORWARD: You don't need girls, you need trades. And if you're like most developing traders, your biggest quandary is how to cherry pick the best opportunities in shifting markets. PROBLEM SOLVED!

Our speaker, a full-time professional trader and head of a proprietary trading firm and trading technology firm, will step you through the process: how to scan, select, set up, execute and manage winning stock trades. Using his proprietary methodologies, he'll share the techniques used by professional market participants, as well as his own traders to trade the Markets optimally and maximize profits. He will also be available to answer any questions about the upcoming Trader JET Pack (Jumpstart for Expert Traders) joining the firm in January 2014.

Topics to be Covered:

• Evolution of a stock trader

• Optimal pre-market morning routine

• How to find trades

• Risk Management and risk-reward calculations on multi-day as well as intraday trades

• Assessing and monitoring the markets using simple tools like Excel

Attendees will be invited to spend one week at the firm during the month of December at NO COST to experience these concepts in daily practice and to answer the question: Why trade in a professional trading firm?

• BETTER RESOURCES: squawk box, multiple monitors, professional terminals, newsfeed, proprietary scanners.

• BETTER ENVIRONMENT: the camaraderie of other pro traders sharing their ideas and providing valuable feedback on yours, an atmosphere of accountability and discipline.

• BETTER RESULTS: Failure is not an option!

Get on board. LOSE THE BUNNY SLIPPERS. GET A LIFE. Become the serious professional trader you want to be. Here's your chance to get the information you need to make a commitment and get started.

NOTE: At this firm, you can trade your own account as it exists now; you do not need to ante up any capital to the firm. Your only commitment is a surprisingly reasonable monthly participation fee.

ORGANIZER'S NOTE: I spent a day at the firm and added $1000 to my trading account. Real story. Check the chart for FUEL on November 8. I heard the shout out. Started scaling in at 39. Sold out at 50 three days later. Not even my most nimble trade. They have ideas such as this ALL DAY LONG.