Grand Central Murder Mystery & Scavenger Hunt


*PURCHASE AT - *PREPAY ONLY EVENT. Must purchase in advance to attend. This is a multi-group event so don't go by RSVPs. We'll have a good # of members attending.

It's that time of year for holiday cheer! Join us for this fun twist on our Grand Central Scavenger Hunt where you will follow Elsa the Elf in her quest to find a holiday package that she lost in New York's most famous landmark. We'll set you up on a team before you set out to solve the mystery that will bring you to places in the building that not many know about. No experience is necessary!

-We will put you on teams if you don't already have one (99% of those attending will not have a team). Come early for drinks and socializing. At 7pm we will put together teams.

-Each team will be given a list of clues and 75 minutes to head to Grand Central to try and uncover the mystery!

-The team with the most points wins!

-Once everyone is back we'll have a party where you can share your experiences with the others!

Can I come alone? Yes 90% of those attending will likely register on their own but you are invited to bring as many guests as you would like just register for that amount.

Age-specific? All are welcome 21 and over.


*$20-$30 depending upon how early you purchase. NOT sold at door. Game limited to 40 people and we have less than 20 tickets left!

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