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RecruitCamp Un-Conference for In-house Recruiting Professionals

Price: $95.00 /per person
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In SoHo NYC, Hosted by: (

Join us for RecruitCamp Un-Conference

This event is exclusively for in-house recruiting professionals.

"It's a format that is different in our field...which is a great thing. It offers a lot of opportunity to truly share your thoughts, experiences and insight."

- Chris Strazzella, AOL, Executive Recruiting Lead

"A must attend event for in housing recruiting professionals - you won't regret making the time investment!"

- Tamisha Baako-Boafo, Avon, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition

"By far one of the most effective approaches to networking among HR/Talent Acquisition."

- Hassana Tutt, MTV, Strategic Staffing

Companies that attended in April: (List of companies attending in October will be apdated soon).

PricewaterCoopers, MTV, Dow Jones, Aeropostale, LivePerson, Vibrant Media, Macmillian, Jet Blue, Avon, Ernst & Young, Everyday Health, Broadridge, Pfizer, AOL, Patch, Vitamin Shoppe, McGraw Hill, Dailymotion, Diageo, Toys "R" Us, Ishi Systems, AT&T, GILT Group, Verizon, NY Times, KPMG, Yahoo!, and others.

We’re pleased to invite you to the first New York recruiting "un-conference ("on Friday, October 19th at the Scholastic at 557 Brodway. That’s right this is an UN-conference, not a conference. What’s an un-conference you say? Well what’s relevant is what an un-conference is not. Here’s what won’t be at this event:

1. People trying to sell you stuff. Especially people wearing cheesy polo shirts with logos on them.

2. Tchotchkes

3. Powerpoint

4. Bad, stale coffee

5. Microphones and cheesy intro music for self-important speakers who talk about themselves on a stage.

6. Stadium-seating sit-and-listen style learning

Un-conferences are about the participants – that’s right, it’s about YOU... it’s about creating an experience that’s useful for you. About you meeting your peers and sharing your professional experiences so everyone can get better at what they do. In a way it’s a “attend-generated” event/meetup/mashup. About providing a forum for you to have engaging discussions on relevant topics… where you can share what you’ve learned and get input from other great practitioners on real issues that you have today.

Sounds great, right? So how does it work?

1. Everyone sits in a circle and discusses a topic. Think engaging, exciting conversation – not sit, listen and take notes. As we all know how recruiters are, each session has a moderator who tries (and usually fails) to keep the chaos in check.

2. You get to vote with your feet and choose your topics. At any given time there will be a few different sessions happening, so you can choose to go to the session most relevant for you.

3. We’ll try to keep the sessions to between 20-30 people each, so everyone can participate. First come, first serve.

The agenda is pretty straightforward:(Tentative, but sure to be super.)

· 9:00AM Group Caffination and bagelziation (or oatmealization for the healthy).

· 9:30AM People actually arrive, semi-kickoff thingy

· 10:00AM – 11:00AM Session 1

o Recruiting Analytics.

o Optimizing Your Jobs for Search/Web, Led by Stacy Blackman, Talent Acquisition Manager, Toys "R" Us

o Recruiting for a Startup or a Little Known Brand, Led by Jennifer Speciale, Director Talent Acquisition, Case

· 11:00AM-11:25 AM Break

· 11:30AM – 12:30PM Session 2

o Military Recruitment, Led by Evan Guzman PHR, CRV, CDR, Manager – Global Strategic Talent Acquisitions, Military Programs,Veteran Affairs & Diversity, Verizon

o What Works in Tech and Sales Recruiting, Led by Sacha Seraydarian, Sr. Manager Sales Recruiting, AOL/Patch

o Sourcing Tips and Tricks.

· 12:30PM – 1:15PM Networking Lunch

· 1:00PM – 1:55PM NYC Startup Pitch-off (4-6 new TA technologies companies go head to head and you vote for winner.)

· 2:00PM-2:25PM Break

· 2:30PM – 3:25PM Session 3

· Building Relationship with Hiring Managers, Led by Steven Dazzo, Recruiter, KPMG LLP

· Social Media, Recruiting, Policy and more.

· Recruiting Technology: Innovation that works.

· 3:30PM – 3:55PM Break - Everyone catches up on the email they’ve been ignoring.

· 4:00PM-5:00 – Session 4 (We'll repeat most in-demand topic for those that wanted to be in two breakouts at same time (or couldn't get in to a topic b/c each breakout is limited to about 20 people.)

· Repeat of Top topic from Session 1.

· Repeat of Top topic from Session 2.

· Repeat of Top topic from Session 3.

· 5:15PM-??? Happy Hour Meetup (no additional charge as a RecruitCamp attendee).

* Agenda Subject to Change, that part of being an un-conference.

So, who should attend?

This event is exclusively for in-house recruiting professionals – you know the folks who process every candidate for every job… whether your title is HR, Talent Acquisition, Contract Recruiter, RPO, this event is for you. We’ll be running a separate event for Agencies in the fall. Email us here if you want to be informed when we launch the event.

Wanna come? Sign up today, spots are limited. Register early to save, before September 9th its $95 and everyone else after that will be $195 or $250 after that.

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"Recruitcamp is a refreshing change of pace, an event where it's 100% about rubbing elbows and sharing knowledge with some of the brightest recruiting leaders out there."

4/30/[masked]:08 AM

"The Recruitcamp strengthens my belief in the "Wisdom of crowds"

4/26/[masked]:49 AM

"This event was really beneficial and something all recruiters should take part in to expand their knowledge in best hiring practices."

4/26/[masked]:18 AM

"A valuable event that in-house recruiters should consider attending. Collaborating with people outside one's firms helps one connect to new ideas."

4/25/2012 5:58 PM

"This is a place for smart, driven recruiters. HR Weenies need not attend."

4/25/2012 9:54 AM

"This is a great event to attend for any corporate recruiter."

4/25/2012 9:25 AM

"Not only was the content terrific and the attendees all the same personality types (we know what that means!) but the location was perfect and the timeframe was perfect. Did not start too early or extend too late."

4/25/2012 9:25 AM

"It was great to see that the challenges my team and I have are not unique! Collaborating with others who truly understand my world was very helpful and valuable."

4/25/2012 9:21 AM

"A great day of information exchange and meeting talent recruitment leaders in an open, inclusive way. And the venue and food was also enjoyable."

4/24/2012 8:36 PM

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