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Updated September 20, 2012

This is one of three sites/listserves that promotes weekly games that have been going on for many many years. We generally don't use stall counts, boundaries are flexible, and all skill levels are welcome!

There are two ways to stay in touch outside of

- Follow us on Twitter:
- Like us on Facebook:


There are four days that we play:

- Saturdays at 10am, Morningside Park (110th and Manhattan Ave)
- Sundays at 4pm, Riverside Park (103rd and West End)
- Tuesdays at 5:30pm, Riverside Park (103rd and West End)
- Thursdays at 5:30pm, Riverside Park (103rd and West End)


The Morningside location is at the corner of 110th Street and Manhattan Avenue. The best way to get there is to take the B or C local to 110th Street. You can also take the 1 train to 110th street at Broadway and then walk East. We will play at the South end of the baseball field parallel to 110th street so that we're not in the way of the baseball games. Riverside will be our backup if for some reason we need to change locations.


The Riverside location is all the way West just off the water between 102nd and 108th Streets. You can only enter the park at 103rd and 108th. The best way to get there is to take the 1 local to 103rd Street. Walk West until you see an entrance that takes you down to the fields through the park. After walking down the steps from the street, you will see a path that goes left and another that goes right. Walk down the left path until you see a stone wall and stairs that go down to the fields. From South to North there will be one small soccer field surrounded by a track (red 'A' on map), another field with two softball fields (closer to 103rd/104th st) and another that is a giant soccer field (closer to 106th st). After walking down the steps, you will see the small Soccer field on your left. Start from this Southern-most field and walk North on the path to find our game. If you see no one, the meeting spot is the South side of the large soccer field. This spot is identified on the map below, a small square with little dots around it. On days when we can't find space at Riverside, we will move the game to Morningside.

Have fun!