• Trip to 3rd annual ARIA Industry Summit

    MIT Media Lab

    ARIA is one of the most prominent and influential conferences on the east coast. We'll be scheduling a trip up. Please RSVP here to receive a special discount code to register at http://arinaction.org/ THE VISION for ARIA (AR in Action) Augmented Reality is no longer just Science Fiction. Augmented Reality is for everyday people and businesses who need to excel in the real world. It presents enormous opportunities to improve performance and engagement, to accelerate complex processes, and to reduce risks. But, beware: adoption of AR is also facing some serious challenges. There’s a lot of hype and confusion about what’s real. Our one-day program and content will help those who are not up to speed get there quickly and those who are already running to get real traction with great partners. AR in Action participants are inventors, innovators, integrators, investors, and other executives--all experts in their fields. They will be coming from the boardrooms and the trenches, ready to focus on the next great leap in human performance. When we’re done, every human empowered with AR will be able to excel in the real world! ARIA convenes the top minds of the augmented reality ecosystem for two days of sharing insights with presentations and networking. The program is designed to help explore the challenges and opportunities that face inventors, innovators, integrators, investors, and other executives working to bring the benefits of AR to the world. The event will educate, encourage, and inspire technologists to bring augmented reality into reality. AR in Action Goals Provide unprecedented opportunities for learning from and networking with the greatest minds in AR and adjacent fields of technology in one of the world’s greatest institutions of learning. See, touch and hear about AR research and current state of the art in production settings today. Create new and lasting connections between the greatest minds in the field tackling the current and future obstacles facing AR’s widespread adoption. Capture over 30 hours of high-quality video content about AR to publish on the Internet for viewing by audiences worldwide.

  • Learn AR Kit from Unity's XR Lead

    WeWork Penn Station

    We'll have Jimmy Alamparambil (Jimmy Jam Jam) call in from Unity HQ. Jimmy leads Unity's XR Team and is working on a revolutionary ARInterface. We'll get into best practices for AR/XR Development and how to use the latest features on the bleeding edge of AR. At the end of our event we'll put the knowledge into practice and develop an ARKit App in Unity together LIVE! These two talks will give you a good background to the topics we'll be covering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNekBgognFE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WvgLECD73c Please bring a laptop with Unity® installed if you'd like to follow along.

  • Learn How to Launch a VR Game on Steam! Lessons from the field.

    • What we'll do We'll talk to Finn Staber - Game Developer @ Chicken Waffle. He'll share his experience from their recent launch onto SteamVR Early Access. We'll get a tour of the zany levels and retro assets, and maybe get to try a sneak peak at their cool new pre-alpha mulitplayer VR title! Check out the gameplay trailer! store.steampowered.com/app/708820/Baby_Hands/ Watch funny YouTube play-through! • What to bring A Laptop is preferred but not required. • Important to know Please see nycvru.com for code of conduct and also follow the rules of meetup and Wework. Be respect to all.

  • MagicTats Release Party & Reality Mixer, Virtual Escapade, etc.

    Location visible to members

    Celebrate the holidays with New York's most active enthusiasts of Immersive Technology, VR, AR, Mixed Reality, and 3D tech! Join us at the Microsoft Reactor for an evening of holiday festivities, and meet members of the 21 different groups who are participating! We'll have refreshments sponsored by Microsoft, and are also working on having some demos as well. We're limited to 275 tickets, so we're charging $10 for the event to discourage no-shows. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to International Relief Teams for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. Get Tickets Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reality-mixer-virtual-escapade-augmented-holiday-party-tickets-40003108374 Participating groups: ARNY ConVRsations: Cinematic Virtual Reality Jump Into the Light Meetup Group Learning in VR Microsoft Makers and App Developers New York Augmented Reality and Computer Vision Meetup New York eXtended Reality Meetup NYC ARKit Studio NYC HoloLens Developers Meetup NYC Media Lab NYC VR and Tech Meetup NYVR NY VR U NY Women in VR The VR/AR Association Think Immersive 3D Club of NY UPLOAD NYC - Virtual Reality & Oculus VR/AR/MR Marketing and Branding VR Video Meetup WebVR New York See you at the party!

  • Immersive Conference - Learn to make VR / AR / 360

    Location visible to members

    Get yourself caught up in the latest VR/AR/360 production techniques with these exciting educational workshops for all ages led by nyc's top Certified Unity® Developers! This time we'll be combining workshops with mentorship and end with tech talk. More details to follow. For tickets and most recent updates go to: http://XRConf.com Use Discount Code: NYCVRU for 50% off

  • Attend NYVR Expo

    Location visible to members

  • Get Lost at FoST

    Snug Harbor Cultural Center

  • Volunteer for FoST (Future of StoryTelling®)

    Location visible to members

    Are you someone who can bring their production A-game and take initiative, all while having a blast working with some of the most groundbreaking technologies and thought-provoking leaders in the storytelling community? Future of Storytelling is looking for people like you to volunteer for this year's Summit (October 4th and 5th) and Festival (October 6th-8th)! There will be over 100 exhibits-- many of them world premieres-- including the best in VR, AR, mixed reality, haptics, AI, games and interactive films. If your interest is piqued and you feel like you’ve got what it takes, apply here: https://futureofstorytelling.org/volunteer

  • Volunteer for World's Fair Nano

    Location visible to members

    Calling all college level students (apply even if you're not a college student) in the NYC area! We are looking specifically for student volunteers who are available September 16th and 17th to come lend a hand at Worlds Fair Nano. Gain admission, get a free t-shirt, and become a part of the future. Please email a resume to [masked] for more information.

  • Trip to Jump Into VR Festival

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    Jump Into VR Festival kicks off this year on Sept 15-17 in New York City’s Lower East Side. The inaugural festival will highlight the latest developments in the VR/XR (virtual reality/extended reality) ecosystem through a series of workshops and presentations with industry experts and thought leaders, as well​ ​as​ ​cutting​ ​edge​ ​VR​ ​art​ ​showcases,​ ​experimental​ ​performances​ ​and​ ​VR​ ​parties! Dario Laverde (HTC) will hold a workshop of tremendous value at 10a on: Roomscale With Accessories (Adding Trackers to your VR Experience)