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NYC Ethereum #65 -> Ethereum 2.0: Scaling Ethereum for the Future

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Scaling the world computer is hard. Join us in discussion around solutions for scaling Ethereum for the future.

The Ethereum network can process around 1.3 million transactions per day at a rate of 13 tx/s while VisaNet processes 150 million transactions at a rate of 1600 tx/s. How can Ethereum reach global adoption with 1/100th of Visa’s throughput? Blockchain scaling comes with a unique set of problems by the very nature of decentralization. How can Ethereum achieve scalability while remaining secure and decentralized?

We’ll be discussing solutions such as sharding, side chains, off-chain computation, and state channels.

About the speaker

Preston Van Loon, Team Co-Lead @ Prysmatic Labs, Software Engineer @ Google.
Twitter: @preston_vanloon
Email: [masked]

Driven by the chance to have an impact on the world, Preston seeks challenges and solutions that can benefit everyone on a global scale. After first learning about Ethereum in early 2017, he began to explore and dive deep into Ethereum protocol. He co-founded Prysmatic Labs in January 2018. Prysmatic Labs has received grants from the Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum Community Fund, Aragon Nest, and others to enable implementation of an open source Ethereum Sharding client based on the popular client go-ethereum. He works closely with the Ethereum Research team and other clients to achieve sharding for Ethereum 2.0.