NYC Ethereum #68: dxDAO - A DAO for DeFi

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Join Gnosis and DAOstack on February 27th to learn more about the dxDAO, a next generation DAO that will govern the first fully decentralized trading protocol.

Our speakers will include:
Stefan George, CTO of Gnosis
Ezra Weller, Community Manager of DAOstack

The dxDAO will be a community-governed DAO with total control over the DutchX trading protocol. Anyone can participate in what will be the first ever fully decentralized trading protocol.

The dxDAO will be:
1. 100% community-owned. There will be no pre-allocation of voting rights.
2. Easy to get involved with. Anyone can become a stakeholder by trading on the DutchX or by locking ETH or other ERC20 tokens traded on the DutchX protocol.
3. In full control over the DutchX. In theory, any change could be made to the DutchX protocol through a proposal of the dxDAO.
4. Using DAOstack’s governance infrastructure and the holographic consensus governance framework, made accessible through the Alchemy user interface.
5. Capable of growing beyond the DutchX with the ability to do anything that is currently possible on Ethereum.

The talk will cover the motivation behind the dxDAO, what the DAO can/will do and how you can participate by becoming a member of the DAO.

DAOstack: DAOstack is an operating system for DAOs and a comprehensive toolkit for decentralized collaboration at scale. Built on an open, modular and upgradable architecture, the DAO stack consists of a governance library collectives can leverage to self-organize around shared goals and interests.

Gnosis: Gnosis builds new market mechanisms to redistribute the future. Including prediction market platforms, decentralized trading protocols, and secure wallet apps, our products are interoperable and allow you to create, trade, and hold new and traditional assets.