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In 2007 we started off as a wine tasting group but luckily grew and evolved to so much more. While we continue to focus on small gatherings to learn and teach each other about wine, we have sometimes branched out to have book club discussions or will cook dinner together, go see a film. All have been wine related, so far. As always, your input is encouraged.  
In 2015 we shifted gears again, and started following a format based on a monthly column written Eric Asimov, wine critic for The New York Times.  Coincidently, he also calls his monthly column "Wine School".  He selects a region, does a little write-up, and identifies specific wines to try. After drinking the wines, people go to the newspaper's on-line comments section to have a conversation about what they've learned and liked. We've been drinking our way through his column together as a group!  In this format, each participant will be expected to read Asimov's monthly wine write-up and bring one bottle of wine recommended in the article. He generally identifies three bottles, and also lists alternates if the three are not available. I find snooth.com and wine-searcher.com helpful in figuring out which wine shops might have the bottle you are looking for.   Please make an effort to find the specific bottles listed by Asimov. Be sure to post a comment with which wine you will be bringing so that we can have a variety of bottles. Some bottle duplication is fine when our group is large, but we don't want all the same bottle. 
The point of this group is to teach and learn from each other.  All levels are welcome, though we do want participation in tasting and discussing the wines from all.  We keep the group small so we can focus on the wines!  Good behavior is a must, as we will be meeting in a private residence. 

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Wine School: Rioja Gran Reserva

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Wine School: Argentine Malbecs

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