A new fantastic strategy called "Small Fry" will be demonstrated with an actual initial portfolio

We will have a brief update on how the LISTMG SFS portfolio (opened November 29, 2012) gained 45% as of February 17 2014.

We also have a $50 gift certificate for anyone who developed their own strategy. We will discuss this strategy.

RETIREMENT INCOME: We will also update the new Payday Retirement portfolio which uses call options with stock purchases for an annual income of 20-30% return. A sample portfolio was started on November 8, 2013 and will be demonstrated. 1 06:45 PM Start

Jim De Franco will give his synopsis on the state of the market. VectorVest timing, Buy/Sell Ratio (BSR) and other market parameters will be discussed. 1 We will continue with our popular forum type of discussion between the members.