This month we will have Tom Lloyd speaking to us, author of many published articles on Marketwatch, and of a new book on Stock Signals, and, a long time member.

Bio & Agenda:

Tom Lloyd

Tom, a long time member of our group and prior presenter, will give a powerpoint summary of his new book: "Successful Stock Signals for Traders and Portfolio Managers: Integrating Technical Analysis with Fundamentals to Improve Performance" (Wiley Trading) - Publication Date: July 29, 2013

For those novices who still feel uncomfortable with technical analysis here is a chance to come up to speed and see how to use it with fundamentals.

For those that are rusty here is the update.

For those that love fundamentals and hate technicals, here is a chance to remove prejudice.

For the experts in the audience, this may spur you to write the proprietary formula that will make you a million. Or write the next book! I look forward to being with you.

Here is what Marc Chaikin, famous creator of the Chaikin Money Flow has to say about the book:

"As a strong believer in the importance of combining fundamentals with technical analysis, I was immediately engaged in this book by Tom Lloyd. Successful Stock Signals reads like a trading diary, written in the moment. With its wealth of charts, the reader sees a clear cut path to profits. Tom puts you in the driver’s seat as he analyzes stock after stock with the tools he has used successfully in a long Wall Street career. If you want to make consistent profits in the stock market, this book is a must read."


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