Past Meetup

The Long Island Day-Swing Traders Sub Group Meeting


Main Speaker: Stefanie Kammerman, Cyber Trading University

Stefanie Kammerman graduated from Great Neck North High school in 1988, and moved on to get a BA in psychology from Florida Atlantic University. After graduation she got a job as an assistant for one of the most prestigious firms on Long Island, Schoenfeld Securities. She worked there for two years studying the overnight trading system and mastering it.

In 1996, she became the first women to trade for Onsite trading. The firm issued her 250,000 to trade with. Her first year of trading, she received the trader of the year award. She successfully ran a trading desk teaching new traders the overnight system.

In 1999, Stefanie went on maternity leave, and decided to trade from home. She successfully ran her IRA , doubling her portfolio, while raising two babies. She called the 2008 bank collapse by shorting all the financial stocks. She has been successfully trading for 15 years, and loving every day of it.

Currently she runs the Cyber Trading University's chat room, which consists of over 90 students while teaching classes on how to daytrade by reading time and sales, trading off of major levels, and swing trading using technical analysis. She is also a published singer/songwriter who has placed many of her tracks on television, including "America's got talent" and "American idol rewind" , as well as radio jingles for airtel communications.