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Brian O'Keefe, the organizer for this event says there are about 700 signed up to attend, but did recommend that we get there early. George Mitchell, is first on the agenda, and running on a tight schedule.

Please show respect then by trying to get there early before his speech so he's not interrupted by people walking in, opening and closing doors, trying to find their seat and settling in while he's talking. It will make it more enjoyable for all of us and the rest of the audience.

I would also think this means that there are extra tickets still available. Call Brian at 516-398-2471 if interested.


Senator George Mitchell will speak on the 15th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement ratification by the Irish People on May 23, 1998.

A 2nd and distinct part of the evening will include an expert panel discussion with Members of Congress and other leaders who have supported the peace process.

The Good Friday Agreement ranks among the most significant peace accords in history.

ADMISSION IS FREE BUT Seating is Limited to 900, so they are issuing tickets.

For more information, Call (516) 398-2471.

This event is being sponsored by numerous Irish organizations and the Cooper Union Office of Continuing Education.

(We will not be seated as a group - and no Pre or Post Meetup is scheduled for this event, You are responsible for calling and getting your own tickets).


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