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January #ManicMonday Social Hour

New Year, and so many new members too!

Discount tickets available:

We're sure that you've had your fill of sleeping in, mom's cooking, presents & endless toasts, but join us for a social hour that will start your year off right!

Join our friendly, engaging group for a cocktail. These monthly happy hour events are where we make the real connections and friendships that bring us together. They are a closed setting, open only to women members. Come prepared to make a big difference.


Small Things Make a Big Difference:

1. Smile and introduce yourself. It’s amazing how welcoming this can make a new member feel. Make sure to set a good example by holding your head up high and saying hello.

2. Circulate and share openly. Challenge yourself to meet someone new at every event. Your thoughts and opinions are the product of years of your own unique experience. Be generous with that.

3. Take the time to listen. We're in hectic New York mode. Let's slow down and enjoy a real conversation.

4. Spread the spirit of inclusiveness. We're out to change the world by showing that being nice is a position of power. Great achievements are never made in solitude.

5. Keep the conversation going. Make sure to followup when you say you will and reach out when you have questions or ideas. This is a mutually supportive group.


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We differentiate NY Tech Women by providing an approachable, social community for women serious about the tech industry. We foster and nurture mutually rewarding, long-lasting relationships within our membership. We build mentorship, community and real friendships that support career and business success through generosity.