April (NYVR Meetup)


I am extremely excited to announce that we have another completely stacked agenda for this month. I have (11) amazing VR/AR solutions for the architectural design/construction/real estate industries. I'm going to keep the presentation portion of the event limited to 1 hour again, so each company will only have a few minutes to introduce their technology but that will allow plenty of time for networking and demo’ing the actual products.

Please note: I am reserving some of the event tickets for a group of professionals in the AEC industry so seating will be slightly limited. Also, I am opening the RSVP a little early so reserve your spot now!

Below are the companies and several additional event notifications.

1) Christopher Mitchell and Thomas Dickerson – Geopipe

From architecture and real estate to virtual reality, games, and military simulations, professionals need detailed, expansive models of the real world. Geopipe builds clever algorithms to turn data about the real world into immersive 3D virtual models at configurable levels of details, saving the time and expense of creating these models by hand for architects and beyond. See more details at https://geopi.pe/

2) Jeffrey Jacobson - ConstructionVR

ConstructionVR provides outsourcing, strategic advice, procurement, and training in immersive media (VR, AR, etc.) We help architects, builders, and developers use these technologies for
- Faster and more productive design reviews with clients.
- Improved coordination with subcontractors
- Accelerate all levels ahead of planning far ahead of physical construction.
- Pre-sell residential units and business offices, long before they are built.
See http://constructionvr.com (http://constructionvr.com/) for more detail

3) Leo Malave and Jim Prucey - Realtour360º

RealTour360 offers real estate agents the equipment and service they require to efficiently capture, create, and share 360º VR property listing tours. Realtour360º’s initial product is focused on the self-service agent with multiple listings at or near the average US home sales price It is intended to differentiate agents' marketing approach in this highly competitive market and help them win more listings. www.RealTour-360.com (http://www.realtour-360.com/)

4) Alexander Gredysa – VR Global

VR Global is a New York based company with an international reach and global presence. Their enterprise Saas platform delivers immersive experiences seamlessly across Virtual Reality (VR), Mobile, Web and Augmented Reality (AR) platforms. Their proprietary, patent pending, technology ties together traditional 2D media assets along with the latest in emerging content 360 & 3D 360 Photo /Video, Rendered Models and CGI to offer both customized and white labeled applications for Real Estate, Hospitality, Education, Entertainment, and Healthcare. https://www.vrglobal.com/

5) Russell Varriale - InsiteVR

"InsiteVR is a platform for AEC companies to create and manage virtual reality presentations across their firms. InsiteVR integrates with popular CAD and rendering software and popular VR headsets. Their platform is focused on easy presentation by allowing the use of mobileVR headsets like the GearVR for full 3D walkthroughs and streaming what is seen in those headsets to external monitors. All presentations are networked so participants can join meetings remotely and collaborate in VR." https://www.insitevr.com/

6) Rod Recker – Glimpse Consulting

Rod Recker is CTO and GM of Consulting Services for The Glimpse Group, a provider of consulting and training services for companies interested in applying virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. One area receiving strong interest is augmented reality applications for real estate marketing. Rod will be demonstrating some of the custom real estate applications developed for two of his clients, China Construction of America and Haas Construction Management.


7) Lex Dreitsler – Presenting Occipitals Structure Sensor.

Lex is an award winning VR/AR developer. Over 90% of Virtual Reality is made with Unity®. Lex is likely the foremost Unity® expert in NYC. His firm - VRVU works with major brands - using Unity® to create high end immersive experiences. Lex enjoys sharing knowledge at institutions like MIT, Princeton and NYU. He also empowers the community through free meetups like NYCVRU.com and RenderNY.com - The Architectural Rendering meetup. He's been a fan of Occipital's Structure Sensor since the beginning. Lex will explain it's depth sensing technology and show how it applies to Architecture Construction Mgt. and Engineering. https://structure.io/

8) Roman Malantchouk – Walk THIS House

walkTHIShouse provides a unique bundle of 3D design and visualization services to architects, developers, real estate agents and designers. We utilize today's most sophisticated technologies to convert complex architectural and engineering data into visual stories. Our main objective is to create material that becomes the core of the project during design, construction and marketing phases. www.walkthishouse.com (http://www.walkthishouse.com/)

9) Alex Coulombe – Agile Lens Immersive Design

Alex Coulombe is the Creative Director of Agile Lens Immersive Design, a new virtual reality consultancy specializing in integrating immersive technology into architecture and design. He's been using VR since the DK1, where he pioneered a workflow at Fisher Dachs Associates to test theater sightlines. Since then, he's worked on a myriad of exciting projects and is a strong advocate of using VR throughout the design process and not just as a final presentation tool. Currently, he's developing new tools and experiences for Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and WebVR.

See his VR design workflow: https://youtu.be/rkqiSemHNXc

See an in-progress Daydream experience he's working on: https://youtu.be/RnW-7X9gtno

See what he gets up to in his free time: https://youtu.be/drrSfOfL674

10) James Andrew - Youvisit

James Andrew will be presenting Youvisit's recent and ongoing project we call "The Presence Project". Visualization of real spaces captured with photogrammetry and other cutting edge techniques. https://www.youvisit.com

11) Jimmy Giliberti – Worldviz

WorldViz has been producing VR content for the enterprise for over 13 years. Visualizing airplane cockpits at Boeing and Lockheed Martin, designing operating rooms at Turner Medical Systems, and creating job winning architectural bids for city governments at Suffolk Construction and Martin Brothers, the WorldViz HW/SW solution stack has been saving money and creating opportunities in professional VR. Jimmy Giliberti, director of Sales and Biz Dev for Worldviz will speak to us about some of the latest developments in cross platform and collaborative VR. http://www.worldviz.com/

In addition, below are several event announcements:


The NYVR Meetup and The Glimpse Group have partnered with Emerald Expositions to launch the first large scale VR expo on the east coast called the NYVR Expo 2017. The event will be at the Jacob Javits Center and be co-located with the Photoplus Expo which annually attracts 20,000 attendees. We will have a professional conference on Oct 26th and 27th and the Expo will be on Oct 27 and 28th. More details will be announced soon so please save the date!


VRLA is promoting their upcoming event for April 14 & 15 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. More details are available on our website, including exhibitors and the current speaker lineup. Unity CEO John Riccitiello will be delivering Friday's Keynote, and "Rick & Morty" Co-Creator Justin Roiland will headline Saturday. http://www.virtualrealityla.com/ ­ . An exclusive discount code for NYVR members will be posted soon.

Claudia Ramirez – Ramirez Images

Claudia is a graphic design artist focusing on the VR and AR space. She very generously volunteered her time and services and created a new logo for NYVR. Please feel free to contact her directly at [masked] for any design assistance.

The Glimpse Group – Sponsoring Video Recording of the Event

The Glimpse Group and Jimmy Giliberti are now sponsoring video recording for all NYVR events. Please subscribe to the Glimpse youtube page and facebook page to see last month’s interviews and presentations.



By the way, my company http://www.theglimpsegroup.com is a holding company for a portfolio of VR/AR startups. If you are an investor or a startup and are interested in learning more, hit me up at the event or at [masked] . In addition, if you are a freelance developer and would like to be considered for future contract work, please sign up at the following online form. https://goo.gl/forms/JF6bsPZIMldeXVBy2