November (NYVR MEETUP & VR Day Celebration)



Ben Voss – Pixacore

The emerging market of Immersive Technology for healthcare, either b2b or b2c, is one of the most profitable as well as promising in the opinion of Ben Voss CTO at PIXACORE.

The presentation aims to look into PIXACORE’s success in implementing immersive technology either at congress, sales force or end users, while also giving a market overview. Furthermore we will give our own analysis of what the future holds and why healthcare should not be overseen by any serious immersive developer or strategist.

Few facts:

PIXACORE generates ~20% of their revenue from Immersive technology as vendor for healthcare partners in the b2b field and anticipates to enter b2c in 2018

In a paper release by VRDC[masked]% of the developers answered to currently work on healthcare related products. That is of course nothing against the 78% working on games, but it ranges within all the non-gaming industries as one of the strongest.

Arcane Reality:

Arcane is an innovative virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) development studio. We are a team of engineers and software experts whose sole purpose is to help our clients see their products and services marketed to the masses in a whole new dimension. We want to partner with those who are hungry enough to become distinguished players in their field and passionate enough to create a legacy for their brand. Our team's capabilities include developing VR & AR applications, training simulations, games and/or any experience that can help propagate your firm's purpose.

We will be presenting PocketDoc, an AR healthcare solution for both doctors and patients!

Pocket Doc is the new standard for patient experience and patient/doctor communication in hospital systems and private practices worldwide. This prevents redundant calls and office visits that could easily be settled with a pre-recorded responses to the most commonly asked patients questions.PocketDoc is the new way to communicate with your doctor through Augmented Reality.

Armando Matijevic - SpaceSys

Armando will be presenting and demo’ing Spacesys. SPACESYS is a Virtual Reality infinite desktop designed to maximize productivity and enhance the way we interact with data. FUTURE OF WORK is set to be defined by 3D computing as technology advances faster and computing power finally becomes ubiquitous and omnipotent.

THE QUEST for more natural, human-like interaction with computer programs was never as relevant as recently. WE ARE BUILDING an ideal working environment where users can create, work, collaborate while being more productive and satisfied.

As part of SpaceSys’s demo, they will also be showing Logitech’s new virtual keyboard.


Bob Fine – VR Voice

Over the summer, we started a grassroots movement to try to organize and promote a global Virtual Reality Day (, scheduled for Saturday, November 18th. You can read more about the reasoning and planning behind it on the website: ( We have a sizable event planned here in Washington, DC on the 18th with DCVR with 15 demos. Since DJ had already planned a NYVR meetup for Monday, the 20th, I asked if I could come up, and celebrate Virtual Reality Day with NYVR, albeit 2 days later. It's the spirit that counts.

There's been strong support from the industry for Virtual Reality Day. HTC and Humaneyes have donated a VIVE and Vuze VR Camera, respectively, to raffle off in support and promotion of Virtual Reality Day. Enter the contest here: VR World NYC will give the first 30 people that bring the coupon from the website 50% off on Saturday, November 18th.

In addition,

VR Voice is holding a full day VR for Good Summit ( in Washington, DC on Friday, November 17th. There will be a reception the night before. We'd like to invite the greater NYC VR community to join us if at all possible. We'd like to extend a $200 discount to NYVR Meetup members, bringing the cost down to $99. Please use promo code: NYVR at (



You are invited to take a sneak peek at the GAROU demo. Based on the city of New York, GAROU allows you to enter multiple iconic experiences in room scale VR: The Guggenheim, The Museum of Natural History, Top of the Rock, Time Square but also a Tesla show room, an Airbnb apartment and helicopter tours around the city.

In total 17 experiences are available in high visual fidelity.

GAROU has direct applications in real estate, travel and hospitality but it is also a platform for any brands.

GAROU, started 2 years ago with funding from London and New York based investors, is currently working with WeWork, Vornado and FlyNYON.