What we're about

We will talk about the crypto industry, digital cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and of course the updates of the Noah ecosystem.

Noah is a developer of blockchain solutions for businesses and everyday use.
The official cryptocurrency of our company is NOAH coin. The project already has a history of success and we strive to develop it even further by introducing new opportunities and features to our holders. We will speak about the crypto industry, digital currencies, blockchain technology, and, of course, updates of the Noah ecosystem.
Our message
We’re coming back to Japan this December with even more exciting updates of the Noah ecosystem. We will give even more answers to burning questions and will bring the light to future plans for the Noah project.
It’s a great chance to take part in forging the Noah legacy! To become a part of it, you need to fill the form and book your place for the event.
Our focus:
Noah Blockchain: what is it and how does it work.
Noah Ark Wallet: how to use it and all the details.
Noah City: presentation of the next big thing!
Noah governance system: Staking, Voting.
Q&A session with Platinum founders.
We need you to come to the meetup and help us lead Noah project to success it deserves! we can’t do it right all by ourselves — let’s unite! Japan, February — we’re waiting for you!

Meetups schedule:

10th of February - Mon - Sendai

11th of February - Tue - Saitama

12th of February - Wed - Shizuoka

13th of February - Thu - Yokohama

14th of February - Fri - Tokyo

15th of February - Sat - Kobe

16th of February - Sun - Fukuoka

See you in Februrary!

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