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This group is for those who want to practice yoga naked in London or wish to join us on our Ibiza Retreats.

Join a 4 week journey of enquiry into the self. Via (pranayama) breath work, the nourishing Xandranamaskar variations and a series of recalibrating vinyasa, you will be guided into the postures with precision through the lenses of ahimsa (sensitivity), satya (honesty), asteya (opennes), bramacharya (intimacy), aparigraha (acceptance) to move towards a practice embracing trust, passion, self-enquiry and eventually immersion.

In raising our awareness on a variety of levels, and in being able to hear more clearly the wisdom of the body, and employing our body with more efficiency and integrity, we encourage the spontaneous and effortless activation of the single dynamic of interconnected ness – the bandhas.

The sessions are suitable for those new to yoga and also more experienced practitioners who want to clarify their practice, including those who have worked with Annette before. Opportunities will be presented for each individual to progress as and when they are ready and work to their own abilities and capacity.

It is recommended that everyone begins with a Foundation Course before moving on to the next level. Many people return to repeat the Foundation Course several times, often after having completed higher levels, as there is always much to be gained, and greater depth in the practice to be discovered.

The courses comprise of 4 x 1hr 45min class each week. Booking is made in advance as places are limited. The cost of the 4 week course is £75.
The yoga studio is equipped with infrared heaters and is a short walk away from Clapham North Station. Go to http://www.nakedyogalondon.co.uk and subscribe to book your place.

The place on the course is confirmed once payment is received. Once a booking is made in the case of cancellation a refund of the full amount less £10 will be given up to two days before the course is due to start, after this time and once the course has started, no refund or transfer course will be given.

To find out more about the Ibiza retreats click here: Naked Yoga Ibiza Retreat (http://www.nakedyogalondon.co.uk/retreats/)

Why practice yoga naked?

Apart from feeling great, and also it being healthy to allow our body to move freely with the air on skin, yoga is, in essence, about a deep acceptance of and openness to who we are. We can experience deep relief in simply ’being who we are’, with no need to pretend, nor pressure to be who we think we should be.
Our body’s are a wonderful miracle granted to us as human beings, and we spend far too much time, criticising our bodies, or hiding them away in shame or fear. It is time to love, honour and set our bodies free, and enjoy the delight that they have to offer us.

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