NamaStay Flowing - A Community Conversation

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Every 3rd Sunday of the month

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NamaStay Flowing is a monthly community event that serves as a safe space of love & possibility to attendees.
ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOME to attend these free community events.

Rather than discuss the source of specific addictive patterns; whether to drugs, alcohol, food, cigarettes, sex, negative thoughts or anything else we have abused - NamaStay Flowing focuses on freeing us up to personally design a life of love, abundance, and intimacy with the people and world around us.

The event begins with a group meditation followed by an interactive discussion about the yamas & niyamas of yoga. The yamas & niyamas are the first two limbs of yoga which explain how to create an empowering attitude and perspective towards life.

Occasionally guest speakers will join our conversations and lead us through a journey of how they designed a daily practice of their wellness-focused lifestyle.

We look forward to being in love and in community with you all!

*** We are currently offering these conversations in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and spreading to several other cities in 2019.
Our city selection can be found on our website ***