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You are invited to spend a weekend with Jeff Foster, author of The Way of Rest and The Deepest Acceptance, as he guides you into the warmth and aliveness of the present moment. With humour, lightness, insight and compassion, Jeff makes spirituality simple, reachable, and human again, questioning and exposing outdated myths of spiritual enlightenment and healing along the way! You will be invited to a place of deep inner stillness... and a deep embrace of your vulnerable humanness. Jeff will help you slow down and connect with your breath and body, as you learn to embrace yourself exactly as you are ... including your imperfections, your fears, your doubts... and even your own inability to embrace yourself! As an author, teacher and survivor of suicidal depression, for the past decade Jeff has been speaking with thousands of people all over the world about the pathless path of nonduality, the ups and downs, joys and sorrows of spiritual awakening, and, as he calls it, the "discovery of the extraordinary in the ordinary". Through heartfelt talks, guided meditations, restful silences and intimate dialogues, Jeff leads us in his own simple, gentle, unique way back to the Home we never left – the sacred Now. Jeff holds a safe, loving, agenda-free space where even your most uncomfortable, inconvenient, and intense thoughts and feelings - your discomfort, your sorrow, your broken heart - can be fully acknowledged, fully felt and embraced, and you can discover true healing – the recognition of wholeness, right where you are. "What if... your doubt is not a mistake, but a doorway to clarity? Your sorrow is not an error, but an opening to joy? Your fear is not a sign of your failure, but an entryway to fearlessness? Your exhaustion is not a weakness, but... a gateway to surrender?" - Jeff Foster Jeff is not a therapist, a spiritual guru, or a self-help expert with all the answers, but one who has suffered very deeply, worked through trauma, addictions, suicidal depression, profound self-hatred, shame and desperate spiritual seeking, and found his own original way into a restful Presence. Come, let a longing heart and a weary bodymind rest and unwind in a safe, empathic, dogma-free field of presence, a place where you no longer need to fix yourself or be fixed, where you are embraced exactly as you are, and where your doubts, fears, sorrows and joys - and even your non-acceptance, your resistance and anger - are deeply sacred, and held in the arms of Life Itself. Come explore the creative and messy place where spirituality and therapy meet, the place where our hearts can break open to receive life's gifts, the place where we are always, already are. The Present Moment. Our True Home. Cost £95 for the day (or £180 for Saturday and Sunday)

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