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This is a relaxed group for people with a spiritual and wellbeing focused take on life. We'll meet to talk, meditate, explore and share ways to live holistic and meaningful paths.

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ACIM workshop with Jenny Donner

Exeter Friends Meeting House

Our journey is about seeing and letting go of the blocks to the awareness of Love's presence. When we fully give our lives and relationships over to Holy Spirit, a gentle unwinding begins to happen. The blocks start to melt away, allowing for a vast and endless experience of freedom and rest to flow again, from Within. This experience ultimately shows us that there is no separation, that there is only One Self, and within and without loose meaning. It is always in the miracle of this realisation that all pain and darkness dissolves, and our natural, deeply restful state of peace and happiness can be experienced. This is an experience of Light. Jenny’s full devotion to God began in 2006 after a profound experience of being visited by two Light Beings or angels who showed her that the sole purpose for each and everyone who comes to this Earth is the release of illusion and projection. Jenny Donner is a spiritual teacher, mystic, intuitive guide, and an ordained minister of Living Miracles. Her gentle presence and clarity invites the willing mind to rest and open up to healing. After thirteen years in spiritual community at the only Course in Miracles Monastery in the world, she left everything behind to live in complete trust in Spirit. Having no home and only some pocket money, she was sent on a journey beyond all conventions and conveniences of this world. Invitations from those who wanted to join her in presence and go deeper started coming her way. Jenny was invited to come and stay at people’s homes, and although this isn’t the first time during her past thirteen years as a miracle worker, this became a deep and sometimes vulnerable experience; the honour of being invited into the depths of someone’s heart. People say it's healing and brings clarity and calm to join Jenny in presence. “Of myself I can do nothing” is very significant for Jenny’s work. She practices listening to inner guidance in all aspects of life. A lover of ACIM, but still not affiliated with any path, group, or religion, Jenny loves the Heart of Spiritual Awakening; the Sincere willingness to Know One Self. Everyone welcome. Cost £30, concessions available for those on a low income. Free parking . Hot drinks and biscuits provided.

ACIM workshop with Nick Davis

Exeter Friends Meeting House

This workshop will be facilitated by Nick Davis. Details to follow. Everyone welcome. Cost £30, concessions available for those on a low income. Hot drinks and biscuits provided.

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Mindfulness Meditation Group Session

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