Journey of your soul - Part I and II

The Light Zone

Apt B, 61 Compayne Gardens, West Hampstead, NW6 3DB · London

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The venue is only 6 minutes walking distance from West Hampstead tube station and 8 minutes from Finchley Road tube station.

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Our souls are experiencing various aspects of life as part of an amazing journey through different times, spaces and dimensions. As much as this journey reaches infinite diversity, by accessing the information of the Akashic field, we can actually identify a core frequency that manifests at all levels and to which each of us is most drawn to.

Otherwise said, there are things and situations that resonate more than others with us and that make us feel more comfortable. Even though in most cases we are not aware of it, throughout many life times we’ve been specifically developing a plethora of abilities and attributes that allow us to maintain a state of resonance with our true divine nature.

Whenever we allow ourselves to be on that path, our life starts to flow a lot easier and we become much more joyful, because we are living in accordance with ourselves. Some would call this path our life purpose, but ultimately is just being who we are.


This workshop is now designed so that you can attend only one part of it (either the first or the second part) and of course, you are also welcome to attend both. Each part will last for 2.5 hours and it will cost GBP20 and there will be a 30 minutes break for tea, snacks and chats in between parts which you are welcome to attend, regardless of whether you are only booking one part or the whole workshop.


In the first part of the workshop, we will tap into the Akashic Records, in order to recognise our soul’s path and reconnect with our true self. Accessing some of our most relevant past and future lives will enable us to identify the skills and abilities that are the closest to our personal energetic blueprint.

More importantly, once identified, we will anchor these skills into our present reality, which will help us realign our thoughts and actions to that which really makes us happy.

The second part is about activating within ourselves the passion and determination that can drive us to actually walking this path and changing our lives in accordance with who we are.

Throughout the workshop, we are going to connect with the energies of the divine archetypes from within ourselves which are the Angels, and we are also going to use our intuition to reveal some of the messages and information that can assist us going forwards.


PART 1 -[masked] PM
1.1. Opening the space
1.2. Introductions
1.3. Talk – Your soul’s journey and the Akashic Records
1.4. Meditation – Energy activation with Metatron's Cube and past life regression
1.5. Intuitive drawing and reading – Decoding the messages received during the meditation
1.6. Closing of part I


PART 2 -[masked] PM

2.1. Introductions
2.2. Talk – Your life purpose: Taking the next step
2.3. Meditation – Life purpose activation with Archangel Nathaniel and the Orange Flame of Transformation
2.4. Cards reading – The Akashic Tarot
2.5. Closing the space


I will be providing all the necessary materials for the workshop, as well as tea and snacks.

Feel free to bring some of your favourite crystals to charge.


The Light Zone is only 6 minutes walking distance from West Hampstead tube station and 8 minutes from Finchley Road tube station and it’s a great place with lovely energy.


The cost of the ticket for the whole workshop is GBP 40 and you can pay in cash at the door or via Eventbrite.
There is now the option to only attend one part (either first or second), and the price for this will be GBP 20.
There are also 2x ''Plus One'' tickets available, so if you consider bringing a friend you can pay GBP 70 for both of you (i.e. 25% off the second ticket).


Should you have any questions, please email me or give me a call.

Love and hugs,

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