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One-Shot RPG! - Eclipse Phase

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Eclipse Phase: Ego Hunter.

Game Master: Rick Heinz

Player limit: 5

Eclipse Phase is a game of Trans-human Conspiracy and Horror. Designed by those fine gentleman and ladies at Posthuman Studios, the game is set in the far future where space is colonized and earth has been abandoned. Humanity has achieved functional immortality through the process of uploading their conscious (called an Ego) into a digitized state and then downloading them back into fresh bodies, called a Morph.

The system is a percentile based dice system with a heavy emphasis on individual skill. Players looking to cut right to the comparisons will find it supports both a World of Darkness roleplaying style and can also cater to those who are looking for Rifts style combat. The typical game setting has characters playing agents of a shadow organization moving to stop threats that humans themselves create with the potential to cause the extinction of humanity. With fully supported settings on Mars, Luna, Titan, Jupiter, and everything in-between.

In this particular story and one shot, you will undertake the role of individuals set on Mars.... and... that is all you need to know for now. :)

For more information on the game system and setting please go to: and play a lot of Dead Space. Or Watch Aliens.

Players will need: 2 D10's. Pencils and Paper. Character Sheets and system explanations will be provided. Coffee is also highly recommended.

*Due to the content of this game, this game has been deemed for players ages 16+. Thank you for your cooperation.


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