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13th Age Organized Play - Wrath of the Orc Lord (part 1)

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Tales of 13th Age

Wrath of the Orc Lord

Part 1 - The March North

Game Master: Ben / Sarah

Duration: 2 - 4 hours

Player Limit: 6

Adventure prelude…

This is the first of three interlinked adventures: Wrath of the Orc Lord, Domain of the Dwarf King, and The Elf Queen’s Enchantment. These three adventures form The Orc War Trilogy.

In Wrath of the Orc Lord the Orc Lord requests that you take care of a rogue warlord for him. A 'request' as in "Do this or I'll eat you". The renegade General Gul has taken a portion of the Orc Lord's vast orc horde and has begun a quest for personal glory with her stolen army.The Orc Lord is unhappy, but has his hands full keeping his other generals in line right now. You must go 'deal with' General Gul, or face the wrath of the Orc Lord.

Wrath of the Orc Lord a is six week adventure. Each part will have a start and an end. You do not need to commit to all six adventures to participate! While we would like it if you could join us for the full adventure, we will be happy to accommodate players that can only join us for a session or two.

This is the first 4th level organized play adventure!

Did you play a 2nd level character in a previous adventure that you want to play integrate into this adventure? Here are some ideas:

Characters from Crown of the Lich King (…

The Lich King’s agents have found you! You need to flee, and into the heart of the Orc Lord’s territory is the safest place… or at least the place where the Lich King is least likely to send his agents. They want the phylactery back!

You have impressed the Lich King. The theft of the phylactery was an audition to see if you were worthy of acting as his agents in the frozen north.

The Orc Lord is amused at the bloody nose you have dealt his ancient enemy. Not that the lich king has a nose any more. The Orc Lord wishes to ‘reward’ you by giving you a quest.

Characters from Wyrd of the Wild Wood (…

The High Druid is grateful to you for helping to restore balance in the Wild Wood, and arranges for bards across the land to sing your praises. The Orc Lord’s agents hear of your bravery and come to you demanding that you complete a quest for them.

The High Druid is angry. Fleeing to the frozen north seems like a good idea. Oh look - the Orc Lord is offering jobs to adventurers. Perfect!

Your investigations into the crash of the Darkskye prison show that orcs were on board with a glowing shard of something or other. Perhaps more information can be found in the realm of the orcs.

Characters from Quest in the Cathedral (…

The Oracle has been kidnapped by orcs. The glimpse that you got through the portal was of red banners. It looks like General Gul took her. Go get her back!

Characters from Shadowport Shuffle (

The Prince of Shadows left you with a load of orcs deep in the Bitterwood. You fled from them, right into the arms of a group of orcs loyal to the Orc Lord. Now you are working for him.

The Prince of Shadows had you steal a diamond that controls a flying island that orcs crashed into the Wild Wood! The Prince of Shadows had you steal a flying ship that the orcs used to get to the cathedral and set up a portal to kidnap somebody important. It looks like the Prince of Shadows has done a lot of damage through you, now you must undo it.

The Prince of Shadows has a small favor that he wants you to do for him...

Characters from The Folding Of Screamhaunt Castle (

You can not unsee the horrors of that night. You throw yourself at the first dangerous quest that comes your way. After Screamhaunt Castle you can face anything.

When you escaped Screamhaunt Castle you found yourself haunted by a spirit. Clerics of light can not do anything about it. You hear that the orcs know something about spirits, if you do the Orc Lord a favor he may command his shamans to get rid of the ghost.

Adventure recaps from the previous adventure will be posted on our blog here:


About the game…

13th Age is a new fantasy roleplaying game, designed by Jonathan Tweet – lead designer of Dungeons & Dragons® third edition – and Rob Heinsoo, the lead designer of the fourth edition of D&D®. 13th Age honors old school fantasy role-playing values as it dives deep into rich story telling adventures. The game features a familiar d20-style system, but it lighter on the rules compared to D&D which results in smoother, free-flowing combat. An Escalation Die rule that keeps battles fast and exciting by giving characters an escalating combat bonus the longer they fight.

The game focuses on connecting players to the world they are in through the use of background-based skills as well as detailed relationships with the key movers and shakers of the world – The Icons. Adventures will encourage creative and imaginative ways to solve the challenges set before them.

The adventure is crafted for 3-6 players. The majority of mechanical character development will be completed in advance with 10 available pre-generated characters. Players will be able to select from these and develop their background, Icon relationships and their place in their world before diving into the adventure itself.

You can choose a pre-generated character sheet from the selection we have posted here:

If you want to learn more about 13th Age please check out the Resources page here:


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