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Naperville Japanese Language and Culture Meetup
Starting on December 1st, 2017, we, as a group, will begin working out of the Genki Vol. I Second Edition text book, followed by the Genki Vol. II Second Edition, and finally concluding with the Tobira textbook. Each week, we will cover one chapter of the current textbook, starting right at the very beginning, with Chapter One of Genki Vol 1 Second Edition. We will likely spend at least an hour per meetup working through each chapter, and we recommend that you spend the week prior to the meetup working on the chapter assigned beforehand, so we can spend that time answering the questions that will surely arise. If you've already worked your way through these books or are a more advanced/fluent Japanese speaker, please come on by and help teach/work with those of us that are still learning, and if you are still a beginner, come on by and learn with the rest of us! We will also likely still do at least one session of 15 minutes of Japanese only, especially to actively practice what we've been learning. Below are the links to the three textbooks, as well as the two workbooks for Genki: ( ( (

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