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The group is for active SW Floridians in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who like to travel, and are interested in expanding their social network of travel friends! Since we, as Gen Xers in our older/wiser age, tend to be more selective about where and how we travel, this group’s focus is on non-touristy, responsible travel (including local, domestic and international destinations).

Non-touristy just means high-quality trips to cool, distinctive destinations with lots of character, as opposed to the cheapest vacations to the same old touristy spots. Responsible simply means patronizing locally-owned hotels and restaurants so that we give back - the money you spend stays in the local community, which is not the case with most mass tourism that only works with the huge international chains. Our broad definition of Gen-X means people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, so our goal with the age preference is simply to bring together folks who are in the same general age bracket with similar high quality values and adventurous spirit.

Besides our guiding principles, we go wherever we want to go! Near and far, domestic and international, beach and city, mountains and lakes, adventure and relaxation, day trips to two- week getaways and everything in between. This is our travel club and it’s all about us! So if you like to travel to cool, fun places and are looking for like-minded, new friends to travel with, then this is the group for you!

How do we decide where to go? Easy… while we’ll offer some trips, and we’ll chat about locales of interest at local meet-ups. Our local meet-ups are a fantastic way to get to know each other and the oh so many interesting areas and activities in and around SW Florida. Always new and old places to check out…so might as well check them out with new friends and do some travel planning at the same time! We also can do other types of quality, local outings (e.g., walks/hikes, volunteering) to keep in touch, continue our travel ideas and build lasting friendships with our fellow SW Floridians.

There are a few things we feel are important in building a high quality meet-up community and that we will ask of our SW Florida Gen-Xers…. Namely please provide clear membership profile pictures, answer the questionnaire, and please only RSVP to events if you seriously plan to attend. We ask for clear profile pictures to help us recognize you…. asking for the completed questionnaire so we can better serve the community… and asking for accurate RSVP’s to help us plan accordingly, manage events and ensure fairness for outings that require an accurate head count. These are some easy breezy requests which will go a long way to help us create an even better meet-up group.

This group is a sister meet-up group to my best friend’s travel club in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. The cool thing about this is that there will be lots of opportunities for us to co-mingle with their groups which will help everyone build even more new friendships! We can offer fun-off the beaten-path Florida adventures to invite them to and they can offer the same in their area to invite us. As just an example, I had the opportunity to join a weekend trip of theirs at Deep Creek Lake, and had a blast while escaping the late August summer heat! Making new friends and see the ever expanding social network of my friend in DC is what inspired me to start my own club in SW Florida.

I look forward to meeting those who decide to join our very fun, adventurous, and travel-loving group!

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We're off to the Westfjords region of Iceland aka Iceland's Best Kept Secret!

----THIS TRIP IS CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 SITUATION---- -------SOLD OUT------- We're off to the North Atlantic near the Arctic Circle to visit one of our favorite destinations, Iceland! This small island nation (about the size of Virginia) is an incredible natural wonderland packed with a smorgasbord of dazzling landscapes everywhere you look. And bonus, specifically, we're going to undoubtedly one of Iceland's best kept secrets - the country's north-west corner known as the Westfjords. This is a vast, undeveloped area that is one of Europe's last truly wild places and offers a limitless supply of raw nature, unspoiled wilderness, peace and quiet. Largely uninhabited, Iceland's isolated Westfjords are frequently distinguished by travel guides as a destination of excellence and a must-see for any serious off-the-beaten-track explorer. In fact, the region is summed up in the title of a Bloomberg news article - “The Most Remote and Beautiful Landscape in the World Is in Westfjords, Iceland.” The Westfjords region is the oldest part of Iceland at 16 million years old with small and sparse settlements. Between the small villages are untouched landscapes and stunning features unlike any other in the country. Its natural attractions are some of the best in Iceland, whether you are seeking abundant wildlife, impressive waterfalls, beautiful beaches, unique hot springs, ancient landscapes, dramatic fjords or towering mountains, you'll find it all simply awe-inspiring. You can experience and witness this for yourself by joining us when we visit the intensely beautiful, Westfjords of Iceland! Take a walk on the wild side on this one-week (8 day/7 night) custom Iceland trip designed just for us! ***Early bird pricing thru Nov 13*** All info on the Gen X Travel Club website: http://bit.ly/GenXIceland2020 TRIP AT A GLANCE Dates: August 15 - 22, 2020 Duration: 8 days (7 nights) Early Bird Trip Price (double occupancy): $2,889 Early Bird Booking Deadline: November 13, 2019 Group size max: 14 Regular Trip Price - starting November 14, 2019 (double occupancy): $2,989 Regular Trip Booking Deadline: May 1, 2020 Single Supplement: $503 Deposit: $866.70 (30%) - due at booking HOW TO BOOK THE TRIP RSVPing on this MeetUp page does NOT reserve your spot. To reserve your spot & officially book the trip, click on the link below to go to the trip page on the Gen X Travel Club website. Then click BOOK NOW to complete the brief trip booking form, which includes payment of the 30% trip deposit. Gen X Travel Club trip page: http://bit.ly/GenXIceland2020 Once you've completed the booking form & paid your 30% deposit, your spot is reserved and you've officially booked the trip! Message us with any questions.

We're going to Portugal! SO much awesomeness - more than you ever imagined!

----THIS TRIP IS CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 SITUATION---- There is one thing you need to know about Portugal, the westernmost country of Europe. This little coastal nation – about the size of the state of Maine – is surprisingly packed with big reasons to visit! The word that comes to mind is "Cornucopia" - definition: an abundant supply of good things. :) Prepare to be impressed! Portugal used to take a back-seat in the shadows of its European neighbors, but it’s now fully becoming a travel destination in its own right. USA Today included Portugal on its list of 2019’s Hottest Destinations. And the country was voted “World’s Leading Destination” at the World Travel Awards - aka, the travel industry’s Oscars - and received a remarkable total of 17 awards in all! It's growing popular is mainly because of simple word-of-mouth accolades! During our 11-night/12-day trip from Sept 17-27, we’ll be exploring mainland Portugal from the north region all the way to the southern coast, and from the western shores to the eastern border with Spain! You’ll be able to really get to know this wonderful coastal nation, as we’ll be visiting all of the different regions of the country! There is an optional 2-day extension to the Azores Islands, where we’ll visit the main island, São Miguel (highly recommended – you’ll not want to miss if possible). We have a lot of incredible experiences on tap for you! Including many unique exclusive experiences - such as private charter boats in the Douro River Valley and in the Algarve and a private group tour of a Douro wine estate - negotiated just for us! You'll be on a top-quality trip visiting in a way that is very uncommon for typical travelers. As always, we’ve partnered with a high-quality, boutique local tour company who will take us around their country as their friends who are visiting. Our trip will adhere to sustainable/responsible travel principles such as only using independent, locally owned hotels, restaurants and other providers, so that they money we spend stays in the communities we visit; engaging in authentic experiences and supporting local heritage and culture; and following eco-friendly policies including reusing, recycling and minimizing our use of plastic. If you’re into culture & history (we'll visit 8 of Portugal’s 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites!), architecture, food & wine, active pursuits, water/beaches, natural beauty, and authentic, under-the-radar travel experiences, then this is the trip for you! There will be so many unforgettable moments! You are going to love it! By the end, you'll be shaking your head in disbelief about all of the incredible, unforgettable things you've seen and done in this little country! Join us in September to experience this yourself on our grand Portugal adventure! Woot, Woot! All trip information on the Gen X website: https://www.genxtravelclub.com/features?view=jhtrip&id=35 HOW TO BOOK To book the Portugal trip, go to the trip page on the Gen X website: https://www.genxtravelclub.com/features?view=jhtrip&id=35 Click the green "Book Now" icon and complete the brief booking form (you'll be prompted to pay the 30% trip deposit during the booking process). Once you do this, you are officially signed up! Early Bird pricing through April 7th!

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