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This group will be for those interested in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator theories, the 16 personality types, cognitive functions, as well as Socionics.

I myself am an xNTP. I seem to have many traits of both an INTP and ENTP and can’t really make up my mind.

Have spent a lot of time on YouTube watching channels which discuss MBTI and would love to meet some MBTI enthusiasts in real life.

I am new to the area as well and would like to make some new friends/contacts. Having Fe so low in my cognitive function stack can make it difficult to put myself out there to meet people, lol.

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MBTI Happy Hour Meetup

Kava Culture Kava Bar

MBTI Psychology Meetup

Kava Culture Kava Bar

Meet and Greet at Coffee Bar 239

Coffee Bar 239

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