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Psst! Do you sometimes feel like you’re the only naturalista in Edmonton? Are you looking to find like-minded others in the city to socialize and share ideas with? You’ve come to the right place. Take off your shoes and stay awhile!

Nappy Roots Beauty is an active natural hair community and social networking group in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The purpose of this group is to:

• Mingle with fellow naturalistas in the Edmonton community.

• Share ideas, advices and tips.

• Discuss and learn about natural hair.

• Practice how to do hairstyles.

We’re obsessed with our natural hair and love each and every strand to pieces. We specialize in natural hair geekery. We are confident, proud and have an insatiable interest in learning about all things natural hair. We like to have fun with our hair and sport creative natural hairstyles that’ll sucker punch that proverbial myth in the face that natural hair is not sexy.

Yes, we’re just that awesome. And we welcome anyone who understands and shares the same passion for chemical-free, healthy natural hair. If this doesn’t sound like you, you should stop reading right now. No SERIOUSLY, stop reading.

We’re nappily happy and looking for friends who embrace and celebrate their coily, kinky, wavy, curly nApPiNeSs. Whether you’re at the “Big Chop” contemplation stage, a newbie to the natural hair club, or the go-to all things natural hair nerd/veteran, this group is for you. Even if you don’t have natural hair, this group is your support network if you are interested in learning about natural hair or have a child with natural hair.

Let’s journey together! Come share, learn and mingle with fellow friends at Nappy Roots Beauty.

***Dues of $2 are collected from each attendee at each Meetup event to cover the costs of having a page on Meetup.***

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