"Taking Candy from Strangers" - Introduction to Animatronics by Chris McPherson


Join us for a new presentation from Chris McPherson, who has taken Halloween decor to a scary level.

"When my wife and I moved into our east Nashville neighborhood a little over 10 years ago, just before Halloween, we thought our new neighbors were joking when they ominously warned us that however much candy we had bought it wasn’t enough. They weren’t joking. Each year at Halloween we host between 300 and 500 trick-or-treaters, and it’s one of my favorite things about living there. Since that first Halloween I’ve been experimenting with DIY holiday animatronics and props and I’ll share some of the props and techniques I’ve learned with you."

Food and live streaming of the talk will be provided by Sturnus, Inc. They are a group of people who make embedded systems from right here in the Nashville, TN area. You can check them out at www.sturnusdesign.com or talk with some of them at the meetup!

Eat and greet @ 6. Show and tell begins after that and the presentation begins around 6:30 p.m.