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Do you want to play Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other RPG or board game but need a group to play with? Our goal is to bring more options to the table top for you to enjoy the games you love or want to try while making new friendships. Regular meetings will be held depending on which group you are playing with. If you want to lead a game, please message Sydney when, where, and what system you're using. Make sure to bring a character sheet, dice, or a game!

For easy chat, join our discord server! https://discord.gg/H3MXzzv

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If you want to lead a game, please message Sydney when, where, and what system you're using.

*All profit goes right back to the Meetup group, paying for Meetup fees and any special events we may have in the future (like the annual Halloween get together).

Upcoming events (5+)

West March game Session 3

Needs a location

This is a West March style game. Starting at lvl 3. The kingdom of Sancy has fallen to an Evil Summoner and a chaotic god now roams the land of Elarune. you play as a Champion of the Hall of Heroes your reason for joining is your own. This is a Sandbox West March game which means no weekly commitment but the world lives on even if you do not. Join the discord if interested in going please have a lvl 3 character ready to play. https://discord.gg/WEJ3JK

#Thursday Night Pathfinder (Mt. Juliet / Old Hickory)

@DM Roberts House

If interested in playing, please RSVP even if it's "full", you can add yourself to the wait-list, then if a spot opens, we will message you & move you to the going list. (current character level 3) GM Austin will be your guide in weaving a tale of heroic adventure within his detailed "Graceland" world setting using Pathfinder 1.0 Rule-set. Hero Labs is used to manage all characters, please contact the GM about any questions you may have. Come join us in this bi-weekly Pathfinder Game (every 2 weeks on Thursday) . New players are always welcome. Additional Information: [x] Hero Points [x] Standard (Non-Evil) Core Races [x] Story Progression Level Up [x] Max Health at new levels [x] Background Skills [x] Traits, Flaws and Drawbacks [x] No Age/Height/Weight Limits [x] No Encumbrance [x] No Coin Weight [x] Skills do not require Tools [x] Unrestricted Traits [x] No Alignments [x] Auto Bonus Progression (No magic treasure)

Adventures in Eldworld: First/Second Edition AD&D (Hermitage area)

We play every other Friday night, 6 players right now and 3 rotating DM's to prevent burnout. We enjoy old school social gaming, pizza, BBQ or healthy food and some old fashioned dungeon delving. Not monty haul gaming, fun, role playing character development, collaboration and the use of tactics and realistic characters encouraged. All ages welcome. We are about 6th level now and characters "rest" when not able to play so we can fit new players into the game. We are using Dragonlock 3d tiles for dungeons and fantasy buildings for city adventures.

The Dark Sea, DnD 5e

Syd's Home

There is a place far off from the Sword Coast. A set of islands surrounded by dark blue waters. Ruined temples and forts dot the landscape. Grand plantations and small trading towns are the only points of civilization in the otherwise unsettled archipelago. Pirates patrol the waters along with privateers and exiled admirals. The Dark Sea holds many secrets. Great beasts in its waters, treasure among the dead, and knowledge lost to time. What will you find? Ask Sydney what level new characters will start at and use point buy to determine stats. Keep as much about your character as you can a secret. You don't know who you can trust. ;)

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