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This meetup is for anyone interested in learning and practicing improv. You don't need to be and actor or “funny” to benefit from this entertaining art form. This group is open to both beginners and seasoned improvisers. Not only is improv fun, it also improves social skills, builds confidence, enhances creativity, promotes mindfulness and more.

Sketchy Nashville is our sketch comedy writing group. Please "like" our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/sketchynashville to learn more about upcoming videos, shows and other happenings. You can also visit our Youtube page by visiting www.sketchynashville.com.

Here are a few common improv guidelines to get you thinking:

1. Yes AND…

If someone tells you that you are a "purple donkey from the planet Fultron," accept it and hit all-fours. Add to it. Don’t deny anything a partner says.

2. Don’t Try to be Funny

Usually, it is the most mundane, random detail that gets the biggest laugh. Don’t force funny or it will show. In other words, there’s no pressure!

3. Make Your Partners Look Good

It’s not about you. Improv is about making the people around you look like comedic geniuses. In other words, there’s no pressure!

4. Commit

Whether you make a great choice or not, commit whole-heartedly during a scene. It’s just a choice. You really can’t mess up. In other words…

Speaking of committing: To help ensure everyone gets a chance to participate, we will limit each meeting to the first 12 people to sign up. Please, please, please commit to attending when you register so that someone doesn’t miss the chance to participate.

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Improv Night - Focus on Object Work

The Practice Space

We're going to do a workshop type of event this evening focusing on improvised "object work." This is the concept of interacting with the imaginary world in which you're improvising. Tired of doing improvised scenes where it's just two of you standing there and talking? This should help spice things up! For example, if your scene takes place in a restaurant, you have plenty of objects around you that you can play with to make your improv more visually interesting. Fiddle with a salt shaker, interact with a cash register, flip some burgers, etc. You're only limited by your imagination! We'll do a series of exercises aimed to help both newcomers to improv, and those with more experience, to better understand and practice the idea of object work.

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Free movie screening: UglyDolls (unhosted)

Regal Cinemas Hollywood 27 & RPX

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