Improv Meetup: Two Person Long-Form


Make sure you read this description in its entirety so that you know what you're getting yourself into before you sign up, as it's very different from what we usually do on a long-form night! This evening will feature a two-person long-form style that really stretches your acting muscles, and it'll require that we loosen some of the improv guidelines that get hard-wired into us when we're first improvising. Because of that, this is an advanced style for those that have been improvising for a little while now, while those who are brand new don't have that training "baggage" to lose and might pick up on this very easily.

This type of long-form works like this: two improvisers take the stage and generally just have a single scene going on while time passes in real-time. Occasionally, the location may change to focus on different characters, if that helps serve the scene. The two improvisers fill in as additional characters as needed by shifting where they stand on stage, and the performance usually goes for about 25-30 minutes, though we'll keep it to around 12-15 minutes for our practice (each person tonight will get to do this form once). The end result is something that feels much more theatrical than a typical improv game.

This style, as you can imagine, requires strong character choices, listening skills, and support of your scene partner. It's a different sort of improv challenge, as you don't have a backline of improvisers ready to jump in for you if your scene starts dying. So, if you're up for something different and the above sounds fascinating, sign up now!