Multiversal Light Codes and Light Languages

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Multiversal Light Codes and Light Languages by MK from We Are Energy Beings is a monthly class and discussion group for anyone who may already be receiving or producing light codes or light language transmissions, or anyone with an open mind and loving desire to learn.

Light codes and light languages are information re-membered from the Divine Consciousness, which some call Source, God, Akashic Records, and is inclusive of all of our life paths, self, and guides across and beyond the Multiverse.

At each meeting, MK will present selections and demonstrations of light codes and light languages in the form of speech, art, scripts, or songs among others. Discussions will involve (but are not limited to) an understanding of what light codes or light languages are, personal experiences in receiving or producing light codes and light language materials, and an attempt to understand and interpret the meaning of the drawings, songs, speech, and writings shared by the facilitator and others in the group (at everyone’s own will off course).

About the Facilitator:
MK from We Are Energy Beings is a singer, songwriter, music producer, animator, film producer, light language speaker and visual artist. He comes from a family of mystics, musicians, performers, artists, and actors, a combination that throttled him to be the ever evolving being that he is today.

There is space for 12 attendees. To be counted for the class, please RSVP here:

Suggested donation is $10 per person per event and can be made by PayPal to [masked] or by cash during each group session. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Lightwork Awards ( presented by the Nashville Lightworker Meetup and taking place in our beautiful city on 2/23/2020.

Event Date and Time:
Friday, November 15, 2019 @ 6:30 pm

Hosted by Kirem Marnett, L.Ac.
Peach & Crane Energy Medicine
106 Mission Court, #304 Suite B (Second Floor)
Franklin, TN 37067

Quote from a prior attendee:
"This was off the charts! I could not believe how much of the Light Language MK shared my soul immediately understood. With the recognition, I cried. It was incredibly profound and I am beyond intrigued to learn more. MK, looking forward to the next installment!”

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