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"We're So Screwed!" Part 2 - IME, Minix, and You

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IME = Intel Management Engine; embedded in Intel CPUs, motherboards with Intel chipsets, and related firmware for the last ~10 years, can't be turned off or disabled, relatively undocumented, makes a wonderful backdoor into your system(s).

Minix = Tiny unix distro created for educational purposes, modified by Intel and used in IME v11. Minix creator Andrew Tanenbaum had no idea Intel was using his creation, and strongly advises against it in an open letter to Intel.

You = The unknowing IME/Minix user. Macs have IME, too. AMD has their own version, which is even less documented.

Some new reverse engineered documents (and potential exploits) were released at Black Hat Europe on Dec 6th. Google is pissed enough that they have spun off an open-source firmware replacement project (ie - replace UEFI and older BIOSs with a tiny Linux installation).

We'll be covering the above, and hopefully have a video from previous the NLUG president covering his MAC-related IME research.

~~ Dru Myers, NLUG President