Intuitive Manifesting Workshop & Channeling Session with Michele Stans



Intuitive Manifesting Workshop & Channeling Session: Manifest All Your Dreams!

Join the author of 7 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life, Intuitive Medium, Certified Life Coach and Law of Attraction Specialist, Michele Stans for a fun workshop on Law of Attraction!

In this mix of instruction and free form channeled Q&A, you can get your specific questions of how you can manifest the dream life you want answered by Michele and take away the plans for creating a new mindset which will attract your desires to you, should you wish to implement it!

You will leave this workshop with:
:: clarity on the best ways to manifest your specific desires
:: answers to your specific questions regarding why things are or are not manifesting in your life
:: the basic understanding of how law of attraction works and how you can live in harmony with it.
:: a fun reference guide to keep you on point in your manifesting

Please bring with you:
Any questions you may have about your specific situation
A journal and pen so you can take notes
your smiling face.

This workshop is for anyone who is new to law of attraction or if you’ve attended a workshop with me before and have new question - everything is always in flux so please feel free to join even if you’ve attended a workshop before. New news is always available from the universal collective!

We are limiting this class to 10 people and it is $40 per person.
Must have 3 people pre-registered to hold the class