Metaphysical Fridays at Aroma G's with Brandt Graves


Metaphysical Fridays - a night of Psychic readings, fellowship.


Brandt Graves is a psychic clairvoyant and natural medium. He recognized his gift at age 7 after a near death experience. He uses Tarot cards and guides throughout his intuitive readings.

He has worked 6 missing person cases and successfully solved 5 of said cases. And was rated top 5 out of 1400 for his accuracy on one of worlds largest online psychic resources.

Brandt’s goal in working with you is to turn pain into power and to help you recognize your very own intuition.


20 minutes for 40$
30 minutes for 60$
60 minutes for 120$
(2$ a minute)

Roy Hamilton - Roy is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master and Rootworker. He uses the Psychic Tarot and Earth Magic Oracle as his primary cards, as well as his mediumship and clairaudient abilities to conduct readings. He is also a State Certified Reflexologist. Readings are $2.00 a minute- all credit cards accepted.

Papa Gee - (Greg) divines using the Tarot, Lenormand and Tea Leaves along with his gift of claircognizance. He also uses pendulums and crystal balls for scrying and is a Lucky Mojo certified practitioner. Readings are $2.00 a minute- all credit cards accepted.

• Don't want a reading? The Store will be open for shopping and tea drinking! Many people choose to come and enjoy tea and fellowship and chat about all things metaphysical, new age, and spiritual.

- over 300 teas and herbs
- almost 160 essentials oils and blends
- soaps and candles
- lotions, creams, natural bath products
- aromatherapy diffusers and supplies
- spell candles and new age supplies
- tarot and oracle cards
- stones and crystals
- hoodoo oils and powders
- Lucky Mojo Curio Co. products
- books, gifts, and more

ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR GUEST READERS. Want to be one of our readers? If you would like to become one of our readers for a Friday night, simply fill out the online application here: