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THE AMERICANIZATION OF EMILY (James Garner and Julie Andrews)

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Both Julie Andrews and James Garner have said that, of all the movies they made, this one is their favorite. An anti-war romantic comedy? Really? It must be the '60's!

Emily: You brought me some chocolates.

Lt. Madison: Two boxes of Hershey's.

Emily: Well, that's very American of you, Charlie. You just had to bring along some small token of opulence. Well, I don't want them. You Yanks can't even show affection without buying something.

Lt. Madison: Well don't get into a state over it. I thought you liked chocolates.

Emily: I do, but my country's at war and we're doing without chocolates for a while. And I don't want oranges or eggs or soap flakes, either. Don't show me how profitable it will be to fall in love with you, Charlie. Don't Americanize me.

Lt. Madison: It's not war that's unnatural to us, it's virtue. As long as valor remains a virtue, we shall have soldiers. So, I preach cowardice. Through cowardice, we shall all be saved.

A grieving English war widow and an American naval lieutenant, who has turned cowardice into a philosophy of life, fall in love during the run-up to the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

Lt. Madison: I only thought you fancied heroes. I'm yellow, honey, clear through.

Emily: That's your most attractive quality. Oh, I've had it with heroes! Every man I've loved has died in this war. You'll never get caught in the shooting - that's one thing I'm sure of. You can't imagine how attractive that makes you to me.

Arthur Hiller directs Paddy Chayefsky's screenplay.

Lt. Madison: I don't want to know what's good, or bad, or true. I let God worry about the truth. I just want to know the momentary fact about things. Life isn't good, or bad, or true. It's merely factual, it's sensual, it's alive. My idea of living sensual facts are you, a home, a country, a world, a universe. In that order. I want to know what I am, not what I should be.

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