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Developing Your Intuition Support Group

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Karen Stevens will lead a sound therapy discussion and journey. Techniques used in sound therapy allow the analytical brain to better talk with the emotional and subconscious areas and also helps integrate intuition into consciousness. In addition, sound therapy encourages lucid dreaming.

Bring eye covers

There will be a suggested donation of $10 for this meetup to build our own website to better support the group.

Everyone will practice in developing their intuition
Please bring your journals.
Goals before we meet again:

1. Dream Journal
2. Set a deliberate intention before you go to sleep to dream
3. Journal upon waking before doing anything else
4. Make note of how you are feeling, and where in your body you are physically feeling it. When receiving intuition, write down details of what you are feeling and how that feeling feels. Include where in your body you are physically feeling it and describe any emotion or judgement you have about it.

This group is for those who are working to develop their intuition. We will meet monthly to share information from books, do guided meditation, journal, and practice skills on one another. We are creating the space and sharing around listening to one's inner voice and dream recognition.

Each month we will meet and have time to journal, do guided visualization, development study topics, practice with one another, have discussions chronicling our growth.

Monthly development study topics will include each person reading a book or researching a topic and sharing what they learn or tips with the group. This is to help facilitate the learning process and allows more processing of all the knowledge out there without everyone having to read everything but enjoy the benefit of learning from what others are reading.

This meeting everyone will bring or work on a list of topics for us to delve into as we move forward. Topics like dream states/sleep thinking, meditation/channeling/prayer, visualization, divination tools, vibrational frequencies, herbs/induced trance states, cross cultural intuition, clairsensing, reading books on other psychics stories who have been through this process and made it through, automatic writing, connecting with spirit, DNA & genetics, medical intuition, and quantum physics.

All with the intent of increasing our confidence and clearing any blockages we may have to developing and expressing our intuition.

Call me with questions or directions[masked]