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Nashville Psychic Meetup
Nashville Psychic Meetup
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Fifty Forward - Donelson Station

108 Donelson Pike · Nashville, TN

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Near the corner of Donelson Pike & Lebanon Pike. Enter front door, walk through lobby, turn left at the main hallway, second door on the right.

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We are excited to welcome back LaMont Hamilton ( ( for an afternoon gallery style reading session. A gallery is many mini readings (questions answered) for people in a group audience setting. For those who've never been to a gallery reading, often times one can receive answers about their own concerns hidden inside the answers given to others. So bring your questions and settle in for an afternoon of high energy and enjoyment!

As a gifted Clairvoyant, LaMont is well known for his "rapid-fire" gallery readings, with answers to questions coming quickly and clearly, at times before the audience members finish their questions. He uses his gifts to channel answers from his Guides and Angels and your Guides and Angels which open people to a deeper understanding of their Spiritual lives, relationships, career path, finances, crossed-over loved ones and more.

With 30+ years of professional experience, LaMont Hamilton has been offering his insight and World Predictions to hundreds of thousands of readers all over the world through his website, with hundreds of Predictions posted online, and is quickly being recognized as one of the top Psychic / clairvoyants in the world. His contributions to newspapers, websites, radio shows, and during lectures cover future predictions related to issues involving 2012, Earth changes, Politics, Weather, Economics, Science & Technology and Investigations concerning Missing Persons.

LaMont formerly worked as a Medical Intuitive for many years assisting doctors, nurses, and health care professionals across the country with valid information regarding medical diagnostics. Women commonly refer to him as "The Baby Psychic" since he can read unborn children that are still in Spirit, newly conceived, or those children that have passed into Spirit from this world with messages of love and inspiration.

As an Empath and Clairvoyant, LaMont is self-taught and understands everything through his own personal experiences and serves full time assisting individuals all over the world with answers to their questions while bringing Faith and understanding to everyday issues. His readings have covered thousands of sessions since he was able to read people starting at the age of 8 and he's been working with individual readings since the age of 17. LaMont uses no cards, tools, or props to obtain his information and can read anyone that is in the physical or Spiritual realm since he works with Angels and guides that bridge both dimensions.

Admission for this special event is only $10.00 at the door. Cash only please. The gallery will run from 2:00 - 3:30 PM. LaMont will answer as many questions as possible in this time frame. Beginning around 4:00 PM, LaMont will also offer a few private readings after the gallery readings. Cost for a private reading is $150.00 for 45-50 minutes. Schedule your private reading directly with me (MikeM) through this site. You may pay LaMont in cash only the day of the reading or in advance through LaMont's website HERE ( Please do not pay in advance until after I have confirmed your appointment time. Please contact me with any questions.

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