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SEO is Easy, SEO is Hard

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You've heard that SEO is simple. It's even been called a cheap commodity. If you've been involved with SEO for years, you know that SEO can be ridiculously complicated. That there are hundreds or even thousands of combinations of variables in the signals that search engines like Google consider.

I'm here to tell you that SEO is both easy and hard.

In this 2 part presentation, we'll go over the dead simple things that anyone can do to improve your online visibility and we'll also pull back the covers on some seriously advanced SEO concepts.

Newbie to SEO? You'll get some takeaways.
Been doing SEO for 17 years like me? You'll hear some ideas that you've never heard before.

Come learn with us Thursday, August 28 @ the Emma Bistro.

Since 2010, the Nashville SEO & Internet Marketing Group ( has been helping people get found online. Organized by Ross Jones of 2 the Top Web Design (, our group provides free information on Digital Marketing best practices.

11 Lea Ave · Nashville, TN