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WordPress SEO: What You Need to Know

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Join us 9/25 and learn how to SEO your WordPress website.

Is WordPress SEO friendly? The short answer is that it can be very Google friendly if you know some settings to change.

SEO depends on Architecture, Content & Outreach.

In our meeting, you'll learn some easy tweaks you can make to improve the Architecture of WordPress. You'll also learn how WordPress can help you create better content. Finally, we'll share best practices for Outreach with WordPress.

Whether you're new to WordPress or an experienced pro, you'll walk away from our meeting ready to get better SEO results from your website.

Founded in 2010, the Nashville SEO Group is a free Special Interest Group (SIG) that meets every month to discuss Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Led by Ross Jones of 2theTop Web Design, the Nashville SEO Group is open to anyone interested in improving their overall web presence.

11 Lea Ave · Nashville, TN