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Jan 31, 2011


I've been involved in web design & Internet marketing since 1997. Over the years, I've helped 2,000 businesses get online or improve their web presence. I started this group to share what I've learned so far & to learn from the experiences of others.

What is your web address? Don't have one yet? List a website that you think is great.

Many... over 500 domains. Active websites on about 100. One that I'm proud of is I built it in 2001 out of a patriotic spirit & also to test of my SEO skills. It's not the best looking site but it's got some great info.

What's great about your web presence? What's not so great?

I should have jumped into social media back in 2005 when some of my Internet Marketing buddies starting doing it.

How would a better web presence help you?

Web Presence Optimization helps me reach new clients in the many, many online places they spend their time.