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1-1/2 hour intermediate clinic with pro(INDOORS)

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NOTE: These drills are based on an NTRP level of 3.5 and up. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE THE CORRECT LEVEL BEFORE you rsvp. YOU CAN SELF-RATE BY FOLLOWING THE 'PAGES' TAB AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE. If for any reason you can’t keep your clinic RSVP commitment, please be sure to update your RSVP.

No-shows will be charged.

The goal is improvement and lots of fun. Advanced foundation teaching wherein grips, stances and footwork are all Pro-Level based from the onset of coaching. Too many students are given short-cut expedients which will hinder their progress in the future and limit their enjoyment of the game for a life-time.

I work closely on good technique and my drills focus on technique and tactics in tandem. This clinic is designed to help 3.5 players who wish to take their game to a 4.0-5.0 level.

NOTE: These clinics have been filling up. If you sign up, please be sure to be there. When the clinic RSVP list is full, others may not go on the wait list, even though they'd like to RSVP. If we then have no-shows, the no-show is taking away the opportunity from others. Thanks for your help on this!