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Flag Football - Saturdays

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Flag Football continues this Saturday at 10 am! First meetup of Spring.

Space is limited to the first 20 players as we're only going to play on one field! Guest-RSVP's will be limited to 2 guests per Member in order to allow room for actual Group Members to play! If you want to bring more, send me an email with details before Friday.

Be sure to RSVP immediately if you want to play! This will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. If you wait too long to RSVP and it's FULL, you will be on the list. We had 19 RSVP's last week but only 15 showed. From now on, if you pull a no-show without informing me or the host you will be asked not to come back for the next meetup you RSVP to. Sorry - but we need to ensure that we have proper numbers each week.

See you Saturday.



DUES: If you do not pay the Group's Membership dues, you will not be allowed to play.
To clarify any questions you may have regarding the dues; it costs $40 per year. That's not per calendar year, rather, your personal yearly mark of joining this particular Group. If you don't know your anniversary date, you can look at your profile and find out when you joined. And again, if you are new and are "checking it out for the first time," you don't need to bring your dues. But if you start coming out (more than once), you are required to pay. And to remind you once again, you do not need to bring all $40 unless you want to. Basically you can "pay a few bucks" each time until you reach $40. If you have been part of this group for over a year, you should be working towards your "second $40."
RSVPs: If you do not RSVP, you will not be allowed to play.
As stated, both the Church and I REQUIRE an RSVP to play as it's a release of liability. In addition, the RSVP will give me an exact number of players so I know how many fields to paint. If the weekly Meetup is limited to a selected amount of players, and you don't RSVP in time before it fills up, you may get on the waiting list, show up, and if we can work you in, we will, but we can not guaranty a spot.
Do not RSVP "YES" and then pull a no-show. I understand "stuff happens," and will make exceptions, but if this becomes a habit, you may be asked to leave the group.
TIME: You must show up and be ready to play by 10:00 am.
Again, I understand "stuff happens," but please respect everyone's schedule and show up on time. If we start and you show up late, we'll do everything we can to work you in, but don't get mad if you're sitting on the sideline for a bit. If other people show up on time, so can you.
Thank you for understanding.
This is a private property and by accepting to play Flag Football at the Church via this Meetup Group (whether you RSVP or not), you agree to and accept the following terms: In consideration of being permitted to use the facilities at Belle Meade United Methodist Church, 121 Davidson Road, Nashville, TN ("Church"), by joining ("Group"), when choosing to participate in Group activities via "RSVP" or unannounced participation, I hereby execute this Release and Waiver of Liability on behalf of self and my guests and assume full and complete responsibility for any injury, accident, illness, or medical expenses that may occur while I am on the Property and relinquish any and all rights I and my guests have now or may have in the future against Church, Group Organizer(s), and any of their affiliates arising out of or related to utilization of the Property.

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