Let's Build a tvOS App!


We had so much fun last month troubleshooting and learning about each other's projects that we thought it would be fun to carry that spirit into this month. We're going to do a live group build of a tvOS app! We'll build a simple app that will allow us to get our feet wet in the world of tvOS. Also, just like last month, we're being graciously hosted by Aloompa and CocoaHeads.

The starter project that will be used can be found here: https://github.com/NashvilleCocoaHeads/TVML

If you don't know anything about tvOS or developing for Apple devices, you're in luck. tvOS is one of the easiest Apple platforms to get started on, and if you have prior knowledge of JavaScript, that will transfer over. So bring your laptops as we dive in to a fun time of hanging out and just building something! Snacks and drinks will be provided, as always